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Pope John Paul II deemed St. Francis of Assisi the patron saint of those who promote ecology.  Our current Pope Francis took his name since he shares St. Francis’ passion for caring for God’s creation.  Catholic Social Teaching tells us that caring for God’s creation is an essential component of practicing the Catholic faith.  During the week of St. Francis’ feast day, Justice Interns in Campus Ministry are presenting a program titled “Melting Ice, Mending Creation: A Catholic Approach to Climate Change.”

The goals of the presentation include informing others of the reality of climate change, inspiring people to respond appropriately, advocating for the poor and vulnerable who are impacted by climate change, and gathering leaders to develop efforts to integrate Catholic values of environmental stewardship and care for the vulnerable.  For more information on the presentation or the impact of climate change on the poor visit the Catholic Climate Covenant Organization.

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), “Climate change is at the center of the environmental challenges facing our nation and the world. Our response to global climate change raises fundamental questions of morality and justice, fairness and shared sacrifice. People living in poverty—both at home and abroad—contribute least to climate change but they are likely to suffer its worst consequences with few resources to adapt and respond. The impacts of climate change – including increased temperatures, rising sea levels, and changes in rainfall that contribute to more frequent and severe floods and droughts – are making the lives of the world’s poorest even more precarious. Urgent action that both addresses the growing impact of climate change and acts to protect the poor and vulnerable is needed.”  Click here to read more about the USCCB’s view on climate change.

Questions for further consideration:

  • Can I reduce consumption and live less wastefully?
  • Can I see the connection between caring for God’s creation and caring for the poor?

Come to Lyons 418 at 7pm on Thursday, October 10th for “Melting Ice, Mending Creation:  A Catholic Approach to Climate Change!”