This summer while visiting my grandma I heard her and my aunt talking about immigration after watching the news. They argued that the government was letting too many people come in and steal the jobs of many Americans. I found this surprising since my entire family and I are immigrants.

Now that immigration week is here,I can’t help but wonder what if my family had been separated? What if we hadn’t been able to come and build a better life in this country? And I think about all those people out there who live in fear and anguish, of those families who have been separated, students that have been denied the basic right to an education because they’re illegal, and of those who are exploited in the work force because of their legal status. It’s just not fair that we.

So let’s go out there an advocate for those who are just looking for a better life, let’s fight for them, because many can’t speak up. We can make a change.  (Paula Castro)

This week is the Fall Call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform:
Jesuit universities, high schools and parishes support ISN’s “Fall Call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”   This effort comes at a key time in the immigration debate as the U.S. House of Representatives begins to consider immigration legislation.

Over 30 Masses will be celebrated for immigration reform and 5,000 advocacy postcards have been distributed for the events that will take place in 15 different states and the District of Colombia. Read more about the week here.

Here are some highlights already:

How can you get involved in the “Fall Call”? 

  • Learn more about the immigration issue & join in prayer this week
  • Call to your U.S. Representative & ask for their support – Here’s how!