I have never experienced something like my trip to Ecuador.  Seeing the vast, beautiful scenery then zooming in on the devastating poverty was mood altering.  After a few days, we went and played with the kids during recess.  One kid, Luis, was sitting on the side lines while most of us played soccer.  I asked him, in my broken spanglish, to come play, and his face lit up.  We continued to play, and I went to get water. Luis sat with me and was showing me how much money, $8.50, he made for his family selling packs of gum on the street.  All of a sudden he offered me a pack of gum, for free!  Of course it was only worth 5 cents, but for Luis that was his money to bring home to the family.  I was shocked he immediately offered it to me.  We proceeded to play more soccer, and it was soon time for dinner.  All the kids ran down the stairs, and Luis ran up to Rachael and me with ice cream cones for us!  Once again he was offering us things he could be making money off of.  For the rest of the trip, Luis and I continued to see each other and play together.  It was extremely touching how someone who has to work at age 11 wanted to give me things.  Luis’ giving attitude was reflected through the rest of Quito.  Everyone there was extremely generous and giving to us.  It’s something you don’t come across much at home, and it really touched me.

I was going to post a picture of Luis, but it wouldn't load!