1. Think about what you’re going to say later today. We’ll invite you up to talk for 2 minutes or less about what your project is. Use this time to open a Word document, and reflect on the following prompt:

Please write a short script for yourself to use tonight. Talk about what you want to do for your project and what issue you’re addressing. You’ll have about 2 minutes.

When you’re done with this, email it to to print it out.

  1. Fill out the evaluation for Be the Light! You can find it here.
  2. Once you’ve done those two ^ things, call Darby over, and give her your email so that she can add you to our Message Board!
  3. Reflect in your journals on the following questions:

How will you continue to grow spiritually while you work on your project?

Is your project connected to your vocation? How?

What resources do you think that Be the Light can help with for your project?

How will you reflect on your project once it is complete?

How will you stay in touch with the Be the Light fam?