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Mobile Apps

Resources from PJ’s talk on mobile apps.

This is a follow up e-mail Chuck’s ¬†question about applications that could aid one in developing a mobile app. Here are some links:

For web like document:
– JQuery Mobile (, great library for formatting websites for mobile devices – basic knowledge of HMTL is required
– Phone Gap (, service that turns your html website formatted for mobile devices into a native app for all platforms
– Adobe Dreamweaver (WYSIWYG -easy to use) software that utilizes the two libraries listed above and could be helpful in making a mobile website or web app

For complex interactive applications such as games:
– Unity Game Engine (, free to download software (fully functional basic version with the rights to sell apps), JS, C# and Boo programming language with a lot of out of the box, drag and drop functionality. Basic version exports to Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. Great 3D game engine for $0 with huge online community.
– Game Maker (, free to download basic version, exports to most platforms, drag-and-drop scripting, Box2D physics, 2D graphics
– Corona SDK (, subscription based pricing ($16-199 depending on features, but free to download and try for unlimited time), Lua programming language, 2D graphics, Box2D physics
РConstruct 2 (Windows Authoring only,, free basic version, HTML5 based games, exports to most platforms, drag-and-drop scripting, seems to be very easy to use

All of the above have online communities, forums and resources that will help you in developing your app.



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May 26, 2015

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