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Attendance: M. Wood, J. Lodi-Smith, M. Gallimore, S. Clark, P. Coward, J. O’Brien, R. Krawiec, M. Meyer, P. Sheridan, E. Pack, G. Stowe, S. Jemiolo, A. Butera, J. Oigara

Open Source Textbooks

Pat Coward from the library discussed the upcoming ConnectNY consortium on open source textbooks. The idea is to find a more affordable way for the students to get textbooks. The consortium is pulling together free online textbooks on subjects in various disciplines. Many textbooks, especially in the sciences, can cost several hundred dollars. Many students forego buying the textbooks.

Pat is Canisius’s ambassador to the consortium and is in discussions with it. The consortium plans to roll out the details on how institutions will participate around May.

Anyone who is interested in reviewing a textbook can talk with Pat and check out the list at

Continuance Plan

The committee had a lengthy discussion about the possible closure of the college due to the COVID19 pandemic. Mark Gallimore started by reviewing the continuance plan at Two items for emphasis are the list of faculty mentors at and the workshops scheduled

Some issues raised were:

  • campus closure does not mean that there will not be people on site. If a faculty member wants to use a lab to record an exercise or a computer lab, they will be open unless there is a travel ban.
  • Document cameras in some classrooms could be used for recording lectures. ITS and the Media Center are considering setting up equipment in certain classrooms for recording chalk lectures.
  • Faculty should considering surveying students about their technology and internet off campus.
  • Consider running online asynchronously. With more colleges going online, expect high network traffic, especially during peak times of the day.

All questions or problems with technology, including online learning, should be sent to the ITS helpdesk by email at or on the ITS webpage

Network Printing (15 min)

A lively discussion took place over the topic of network printing. Scott Clark informed the committee that the 5-year contract with ComDoc is up for renewal in May 2020. The Senior Leadership Team is asking for feedback on changes to printing. They are

  • the HP printers will not change. New Xerox printers will replace the current ones.
  • the SLT has noticed large amounts of printing in some departments that cannot be traced to an individual. The printing is related to non-swipe printing queues and work-study swipe cards. The new policy is to get rid of non-swipe printing and modify the work-study swipe cards. The arguments are to be more secure, to become more environmentally sustainable, and to be more accountable.

Issues raised by faculty are

  • will the library lose their equivalent of a work-study swipe card. There are many requests from students who forget their IDs.
  • the changes will be inconvenient for the faculty. Not everyone carries their ID at all times, especially if they do not have pockets. Moreover, the faculty are busy with many tasks at once. It is a timesaver to send a job to the printer and have it sitting on the machine to be grabbed on the way to class. A number of faculty reported having to wait in line at the printer since all were printing right before class.
  • The issue seems that the entire college has to change for the abuses of a few departments.

Scott Clark said that the changes would be implemented in May when the new printers would be brought on campus. Please send your feedback to him before then.