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Attendance: M. Wood (chair), S. Clark, E. Pack, Y. Widenor, C. Kinsey, P. Sheridan, J. O’Brien, R. Foster, J. Donnelly, M. Gallimore, G. Stowe, D. Drew, R. Krawiec, J. Dolan, and C. Wigley. A. Butera responded by email.

The meeting opened by the chair with a brief history of ACAC and its importance to the college. Next, the chair reviewed the agenda of faculty items followed by announcements from ITS, COLI, and the Media Center.

Faculty Items

The chair requested any items out topics that the committee would like to discuss at future meetings. They are

  • Wifi spotty in Health Sciences – Foster mentioned that there are locations in Health Science where the wifi signal drops out abruptly. Clark recommended that they contact the ITS Helpdesk who can route the issue to M. Szymendera.
  • Wifi in Old Main – Stowe relayed comments from the students that there are spots of weak wifi signal in Old Main. He did not know the locations.
  • More mobile charging around campus – Clark brought up that another student request is for more charging stations and laptop-charging lockers are needed around campus. The library is a popular spot because of its many electrical outlets.
  • No rooms in library have computers – Pack asked about putting computers in the meeting rooms in the library. Clark responded that faculty can check out laptops from the Helpdesk and library reference.
  • Email – Stowe asked about the email retention being extended to a longer period (> semester). Clark said it is a legal issue. The email retention policy is on the wiki at
  • Wiki – Wood brought up that Academic Affairs is using the more this year for documentation. Clark reminded everyone that the entire college policy manual is on the wiki. Gallimore pointed out that the wiki is used extensively by ITS for documentation.
  • Online course designers – Wigley asked if the college is considering course designer for online courses similar to larger institutions. Gallimore said that a strength of the college is the autonomy the faculty have in designing their courses. At this time, he is the only resource for online course development. See the COLI website for tutorials,

ITS Announcements

  • Mac lab in Old Main will be replaced over winter break. Matt Gleason is coming up to speed as Mac support with Greg Rusch as a consultant.
  • Larry Deni has officially retired and is a consultant when the need arises. The college does not have an individual whose sole job is CIO. Presently, the director of the 4 ITS offices report directly to Marco Benedetti.
  • For any problems or issues, it is recommended that you go directly to the Helpdesk. Over summer 2019, a new system has been installed to manage and track Helpdesk requests. Helpdesk can be reached in person in HO-016, by email at, or by telephone at  (716) 888-8340.

COLI Announcements

Gallimore gave a quick introduction to COLI and the support that he provides. See for more information.

Media Center Announcements

  • Upgrades to Health Science with new technology. One HS classroom is the first to get a laser projector.
  • Old Main upgrades scheduled for winter break (3 classrooms)
  • The Health and Human Performance Lab in Science Hall has a touch screen display instead of a whiteboard
  • VGA in classroom podiums is going away with upgrades. Call helpdesk or library if a HDMI to VGA convertor is needed.

Next Meeting – Dec. 3, 2019 at 4:00pm in the PBR. It will be a shorter meeting followed by the annual ACAC Christmas potluck.