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Attendance: M. Wood, S. Clark, Y. Widenor, M. Djuth, M. Gallimore, and B. Dunkle

News from ITS

Clark informed the group that Greg Rusch has taken another job and will leave the college on May 5. A budget request has been submitted to replace him. He is the ITS member dealing with the Mac’s on campus. If anyone has a Mac problem, call the helpdesk.

Requests for software for 2019-2020 should be submitted now to prepare over the summer. Without Rusch, the Mac labs will not be changed or upgraded.

The student test of AppsAnywhere was successful. The students tested the service on their personal computers and laptops. The most used apps were SPSS and Photoshop (only Adobe product in AppsAnywhere).

News from COLI

Gallimore asked for guidance on the time period that faculty need to set up courses in D2L before a semester starts. D2L pushes continuous updates that ITS cannot block. Therefore, it is possible that an update will break a course before the semester starts. The group agreed that 8 weeks before the semester starts is enough time for faculty to prepare courses. Faculty should not set up courses before that time to avoid the breaking. Another possibility is for faculty to have multiple sandboxes to prepare courses and then push them into the actual courses at the start of the semester. Courses are launched automatically with information from Banner before each semester.

There will be an online course development workshop on May 27. See Gallimore for details.

Gallimore will send out an email requesting data about the number of students from out of state that take online courses. The college pass fees to a consortium that will redistribute the funds to compensate state departments of education.

Future of ACAC

Wood reported that he met with Dr. Sara Morris about modifying ACAC to increase participation from the faculty. She stated that ACAC plays an important role on campus and should continue. She recommended asking department chairs to appoint representatives to the committee. She also suggested having fewer meetings to emphasize important issues.

Other suggestions from the group:

  • have food at the meetings
  • Two meetings per semester not including the Christmas party.
  • Use ZOOM for remote attendees
  • different day and time. In August, Wood will ask the representatives to select a new meeting time.

ACAC Award for Exemplary Contribution

This year’s awardees are Jamie O’Neil from the Communications Department and Mark Gallimore from COLI/History Department. Thanks to everyone who voted and thanks to our other nominee Yvonne Widenor of the Fine Arts Department. Dunkle accepted the award for O’Neil, who could not attend the meeting.

The plaque for the ACAC Award hangs on the 1st floor of Bagen Hall across from the Office of Academic Affairs.