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Attendance: M. Wood, S. Clark, Y. Widenor, M. Gallimore, D. Drew, M. Djuth, J. Lopez, and C. Wigley (emeritus)

The topic for discussion was how to proceed with ACAC in the future. During the 2018-2019 academic year, attendance by faculty has been low, about 3 or 4 faculty members including the ACAC chair. Attendance increased to 11 (8 in person and 3 via email) for the meeting on alternatives to Scantron. This prompted the ACAC chair to raise the topic of how to increase participation in the committee unless something is perceived to being taken away by the administration.

Discussion centered around the following topics:

  • continue with ACAC as is
  • ACAC is less relevant to the faculty as computing needs have changed over the past 3 decades.
  • discontinue ACAC

The response from those present was that ACAC is an important committee on campus. Widenor said that she is routinely approached by faculty in her department and neighboring departments about technology and computing questions since they know she is a committee member.

Wigley gave some background. The committee was formed in 1983 to discuss the college’s computing needs and make recommendations. The committee reports directly to the VP for Finance and the VPAA.

It was also mentioned that ACAC has addressed a number of important issues in the past few years such as network printing, schedule for changing passwords, AppsAnywhere, and Scantron, to name a few.

The goal is to increase faculty representation. There should be a representative from every department and school. Suggestions are

  • discuss the issue with the AVP (Dr. Sara Morris) about the importance of ACAC and how to reach the faculty.
  • Meet fewer times than monthly.
  • Choose a different day and time than the first Wednesday of the month at 2pm
  • Meet at a different location than the President’s Board Room
  • Use ZOOM or an equivalent for remote attendees.