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Attendance: Y. Widenor, M. Gallimore, S. Margulis, S. Clark, J. Lopez, D. Burhans, D. Drew, M. WoodU

ITS Updates

  • Apps Anywhere student pilot program on private computers is underway. Depending on licenses, it may work off campus. The program will have about 80 student volunteers. There will be an initial meeting February with a follow-up meeting before exams. Since 90% of students already bring their laptops to campus, having AppsAnywhere available on non-college computers will be very useful.
  • AppsAnywhere soon to be in the portal under MyApplications.
  • Any purchases please notify ITS before budgets end.
  • ITS is investigating how to phase out Scantrons.  An informal audit buy ITS resulted in $10 per job or $5000 in total. ITS is creating a focus group of faculty to find alternatives and open source solutions.

COLI Updates

  • OM402 is becoming a podcast studio. Looking for breakout talent.
  • Anti-plagarism – 
    • Copy character string and try Google.  Using quotes makes the search a literal string.
    • Turnitin – integrated with D2L.  Turnitin tab in dropbox.  Talk with Mark about instructions.  Turnitin allows the students to see the similarity results before it is graded. Students will see that Turnitin is active in a dropbox.
    • Turnitin is trying to do more than just check plagiarism.  There is an inline citation feature.
    • Turnitin downside – latency in checks depending on traffic to their site at the end of the semester.
    • Mark’s advice – Be transparent with students.  Use it for all and don’t target individuals.
  • Mark is looking for a focus group to look at alternatives to D2L.  We are in the 1st year of a 5 year contract.  There have been 5-8% increases per year.

Cellphone/Tablet Recycling

Sue Margulis is involved with the cellphone and tablet recycling program “Gorillas on the Line” with the Buffalo Zoo (see the attached flyer). Sue wants to bring this program to Canisius. She will have a collection box in the Biology Department office. The goal is to have collection boxes is high traffic buildings like the library, Lyons, and Horan-O’Donnell (ITS Helpdesk). If you would like to put a collection box in your department’s office, please contact Sue (

ACAC sent a letter to Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Margaret McCarthy informing her of the program and endorsing it.