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Attendance: M. Wood (Physics), Y. Widenor (Fine Arts), J. Lawrence (RST), M. Gallimore (COLI), D. Drew (ITS), M. Djuth (Philosophy), S. Clark (ITS), J. Dolan (English, retired), and C. Wigley (ACAC chair emeritus).

Before the Christmas festivities, the committee discussed postponed business from November.

Going Paperless with Forms

Wood started the discussion on how more offices can replace paper forms with electronic ones.  His example was the form for scheduling a make-up exam in the Proctor Center.  Currently, the students fill out the paper form and give it to the instructor.  The instructor fills out his or her portion and returns it to the Proctor Center with the exam.  Widenor said that the forms could be scanned in and emailed to the Proctor Center.  Wood suggested that the form could be online where the student fills it out and shares it with the instructor.  The instructor fills it out and shares it with the Proctor Center.

Gallimore said that people interested in using electronic forms should talk with him.  Google forms are the easiest unless more complex logic is needed (if answer to question 1 is yes, go to question 2.  If no, go to question 3) or a receipt is needed.  In those cases, use Qualtrics.

It was mentioned that electronic forms are more reliable since Google forms are archived in a repository.

ITS Updates

Clark said that the rollout of AppsAnywhere gone well.  Student response has been positive.  The distribution of software has required much less of Matt Gleason’s time in the classrooms.  Clark is going to advertise in the Spring for students to join a focus group that will test AppsAnywhere on personal computers and laptops on campus.

Academic Integrity

The February ACA meeting with be devoted to academic integrity.  Gallimore will discuss how technology his being used to thwart plagiarism and cheating.

Christmas Party

The meeting closed with a little Christmas cheer.  There was refreshments, soda, conversation, and a wind-up train from the Dollar Tree.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!