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Minutes of the April 11, 2018 meeting.

Attendance: M. Wood (chair), Y. Widenor, S. Clark, D. Koenig, G. Rusch, M. Gleason, D. Drew, M. Djuth, M. Gallimore, L. Deni

Electronic Submission of Faculty Professional Reports

Girish Shambu spoke to the group about the effort to go paperless with the submission of annual professional reports as well as application for tenure and promotion.  The Faculty Status Committee does not require electronic submission but encourages it.

Girish asked about the best way to transfer large data files that can be accessed by the Faculty Status Committee as well as the senior leadership in the review of materials.  The suggestion was either with Google Drive or setting up a Confluence group.  With Google Drive, specific folders could be created for each stage of the review process, allowing access to only those members for a folder that they are involved with.  For example, one folder for FSC and another for the Dean and VPAA.

Garish also asked about the best software for creating the reports and applications.  The suggestion was Acrobat Pro, which all faculty have access to and have a multitude of features like encryption and soft links inside the document.


Matt Gleason reported on the roll out of AppsAnywhere.  Initially, it will be in a portal which will require the faculty member or student to log in.  Inside, the environment is similar to an apps store.  A link should exist in the portal by Fall 2018.   The initial rollout will be in the campus computer labs.

Some apps may not run native on a Mac yet.  Greg Rusch is working on versions to run in Parallels on the Mac.

News from COLI

Mark Gallimore reported on the various activities with COLI.   The request for a hire to replace Leah MacVie was turned down.  Mark is looking to have more student workers.

Also, he is working on a plan to provide honorarium to faculty to work on COLI related projects.

The new look of D2L is also complete and will be rolled out soon.

ITS has a new website thanks to Mark and Greg Rusch.  It is

For more information from COLI visit

ACAC Award for Exemplary Contribution

There was a call for nominations for this year’s Award for Exemplary Contribution.  Please send Mike Wood an email with nominations by April 21, 2018.  The award will be announced on May 2, 2018.