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Attendance:  Chuck Wigley, Pat Johnson, Yvonne Widenor, Jessie Blum, Mark Meyer, Scott Clark, Leah MacVie, Peter Maceli, Larry Deni, Mark Gallimore, Christy Hoffman, Khalid Bibi, Marianne Djuth, Dan Drew, Father Mike Pastizzo

Called to order by Chuck Wigley at 2:00 pm

  1. Mobile Printing (e.g., Googledocs via mobile devices) (Scott Clark)
  • Two current technologies – Google Cloud Print – Beta – voluntary opt-in – will be on the Dome Friday – instructions, etc. Two emails will be sent to anyone opting in.  Print anything from a mobile device – need to be using Google Apps; Google Form to sign up – name and email

Note:  Everyone has a Google account except email – use your email address

Print solution for students with Chromebooks as well; doesn’t affect desktop printing

  • Report data shows cost savings from new print configurations/contract; department chairs get monthly report on print usage – budget is a level higher than the department

Defaults to color – need to change it to greyscale – could explain increase color printing

  1. Center for Online Learning & Innovation Announcements & Updates

(Leah MacVie, Mark Gallimore, Contemporary Canisius College Campus COLI Colleagues)

  • Planning a conference – COLI conference – innovation and technology – member from each unit of the college areas plus staff representation   Date:  May 18th all day 

Anyone interested contact Mark or Leah

  • Workshops publicized in Under the Dome and COLI newsletter
  • Several meetups going on – Serious Games Meet-Ups; Digital Humanities Working Group – see Dome for dates; Google Apps for Education Meet Up – monthly meeting
  • Newsletter from COLI – feeds from the; also can follow on Facebook; postings on the Dome
  • Turn-It In – if interested, contact Mark Gallimore; he’ll set up a meetup
  • Serious Games Meet-Up for Friday – gaming and gamification can matter more than simply entertainment; digital and analog – games of any kind

This week PJ Moskal will demonstrate a virtual reality simulator for Apollo; Autism simulator will also be demonstrated.  Lyons 122

  1. Meeting remotely & ZOOM: Why do it? (Paul Sauer)
  • Used with course he teaches in marketing research – works with United Way to identify projects; students work in small teams with a nonprofit
  • Students were able to meet with representatives of a Springville nonprofit virtually using Zoom; can record the meeting for the students so they can look back and review the conversation. Has a 180 degree camera in the room that was used. 
  • No cost to faculty to use it
  • No software involved – open website from computer, tablet, etc.
  • Have contact with the people you are working with – actually see them
  • What you can capture depends on the room setup you are in – can share screen which seems to be the easiest solution
  • Go to to access; no cost to individual faculty – college has the license
  • Is this the right technology for a full course? Example:  Marquette interested in sharing courses in physics with other Jesuit schools to broaden curriculum.

Hard to combine in person and virtual – different experience; complete online – can set up separate rooms, multiple cameras, etc.  Records the individual webcams.

  • Can be used on most platforms – download App and use phone, IPad, PC, etc.

Camera and microphone quality matters

Clip from Paul’s students’ meeting was shared

College pays $10,000 for the Zoom license – $15,000 cheaper than Go To Meeting

  • Presenting Nominations for 2017 ACAC Exemplary Contribution Award & Vote

            Chuck brought forward a slate of nominees

  • Sue Margulis – extensive work with students in technology; contributions to ACAC
  • Mark Meyer – does many things outside his ordinary responsibilities as a computer science faculty member; digitized Faculty Senate minutes; kept ACAC minutes, etc.

Motion to move these forward – 2017 awardee Sue Margulis, 2018 awardee R. Mark Meyer

Mark Gallimore suggests, majority agrees; none opposed

To be presented at an April meeting

Adjourned 3 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Pat Johnson

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Remaining Meetings

  1. March 1              2:00-3:00
  2. April 5                2:00-3:00
  3. April 26              2:00-3:00