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Minutes for October 5, 2016 ACAC

Meeting called to order by Chuck Wigley at 2:05, adjourned 3:00 p.m.

Members and visitors present [to be added to final set of minutes]

Minutes (as supplemented by meeting presenters):

Item 1. ITS Updates (Scott Clark, Dave Koenig)

  • SPSS – Users will need to update to version 24 before end of December.  To get on the schedule contact the ITS Help Desk at
  • Adobe licensing changes – Creative Cloud name user licensing.   All faculty and Staff are eligible to use the Adobe software.   If you have Acrobat Pro or other software installed ITS will need to create a named user and configure the Creative Cloud app for your Canisius user name.   Currently installed CC licenses will expire in mid-November.  Older versions will not expire (CS6 and earlier).  If you have CC versions installed, contact the ITS Help Desk and we will get you updated.
  • Printer changes proposed – ACAC will be consulted on centralized printer changed – individual departments, central basement tower, etc. . . . – discussion at next ACAC meeting.

Item 2. Utilizing Publisher Content, Online Learning updates (COLI: Center for Online Learning & Innovation) (Leah MacVie, Mark Gallimore)

  • COLI’s policy toward course content, including faculty-generated content and publisher content:
  • COLI’s blog.  In addition to the Dome, this is a great place to become aware of what we are providing for faculty, staff, and students:
  • COLI blog is connected to Facebook, so if faculty find it more convenient, they can simply follow/like our page on Facebook, to automatically get updates from us:
  • Lastly, COLI wiki site, which has all the resources we currently provide, is available here:

Item 3. Items from Floor, Selecting a Theme for 2016-2017 (Wigley)

  • The ACAC Award for exemplary contribution to technology at Canisius College will be discussed at the November meeting of ACAC.
  • Selecting a theme for this year’s ACAC will be discussed at the November meeting.
  • It is hoped that more feedback will be offered to ACAC this year concerning computing issues (e.g., printer issues, software issues, hardware replacement issues, classroom technology issues, online course preparation and delivery issues).

Respectfully submitted,

Charles J. Wigley III, Chair, ACAC

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