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2-3 pm, President’s Board Room

Khalid Bibi, Deb Burhans (Secretary), Scott Clark, Larry Deni, Marianne Djuth, Dan Drew, Christy Hoffman, Mark Gallimore,Charlie Goodsell, Pat Johnson, BJ Khang, Dave Koenig, Nicholas Lorgnier, Leah MacVie, Susan Margulis, Mark Meyer, Fr. Marty Moleski, Fr. Mike Pastizzo, Yvonne Widenor, Chuck Wigley (Chair)

I. Welcome new members and introductions; announcement of new ACAC URL

Members introduced themselves and shared their first computer experiences. Highlights included experience with the following: Atomic, Atari, Apple 2E, Fortran, punch cards, Wordstar, and other antiquated devices and programs

NOTE: in the basement of Science Hall Mike S. has set up a great display of some ancient computer equipment

II. Copyright @ Canisius (Jessica M. Blum, Reference Librarian/Instructional Services)

Jesse – copyright expertise, asked to put together a copyright policy for the College, it’s on the web, required to have a policy, were previously in violation, it’s been reviewed by faculty and Jesse. 300 pages, mostly faculty are concerned with:

1. Fair use exemption

Exemption to law, not a law itself, protects creators of materials, section 107, vague – pertains to not for profit educational use
The library has a link to help you figure out whether you can use this exemption, including a fair use evaluator and a fair use checklist

2. Classroom Section 110 exemption

Materials must be legally obtained/purchased, have license, etc. cannot use an illegally obtained version e.g. Tivo version of media, etc. The intent and purpose must be educational, distribution in location for educational purposes (use in classroom ONLY), teaching and learning simultaneously, examples of types and uses, printed material OK but not actual textbook, materials JUST for educational purpose can’t copy and share

3. Teach Act (2002), copyright office answer regarding digital/online for education materials – 7 points on their list are for colleges, 6 additional for faculty members, Lock down D2L to registrants, copyright is ON in d2L at login,

There are instructor responsibilities, including the following: material must be under control of instructor, material must be related to teaching, students must be told the material is subject to copyright protection, the instructor must use a lawful copy. In general it is better to provide a link to source materail rather than the actual material, use is limited to actual performances and displays, ok to digitize if only available in print. To understand more about this there is a checklist available from the library as well as links to information about asking for permission to use materials. The following questions must be considered:
1- Was the work created for commercial or educational use
2- What is the amount of work to be used
3- Substantiality – what is the effect on the potential market – how does your use in the classroom possibly impact the market value for the work, for example, you can’t necessarily show a new movie, this is a major bugaboo. You also can’t show Braveheart.

Copyright protections lasts for the lifetime of the creator + 90 years
Search the Canisius website for additional information on copyright

III. “Center for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation” (Mark Gallimore, Leah MacVie)

Office has moved, now Mark and Leah are in 404 OM, Center was uncoupled from ITS in January: they provide services to staff, students, and faculty.

The center is being reinvented, will address digital literacy gaps in all 3 groups, the name listed for this agenda item has been proposed for the center but is tentative.

They have assumed responsibility for the adjunct suite, we need to include the adjuncts more in our IT stuff, the adjunct email list was handled by CTE in the past and has been taken over by Leah and Mark now. The adjuncts feel very isolated and appreciated email from Mark about the adjunct suite.

Mark is participating in THATcamp – a Digital humanities Unconference that covers teaching and scholarship, 23-24 October, D’Youville College, day 1 workshops, day 2 show up, get a white board, get markers and figure out sessions, then go to some.

Check Under the Dome for links to the conference.

Checkbox is gone – if you need to survey we have Qualtrix, if interested, contact Mark – information at, also on the Wiki:, if you type in Qualitrix you will find a section on it

10 minutes IV. ITS Updates (Scott Clark)

Library renovation – moved help desk – x8340 – to Horan o’Donnell 016, basement level.

Self help documentation on Wiki, they are also making a student self help online desk,

Printing: Comdoc contract was over, we will renew the contract and replace all printers with newer models, November they will be in offices, public printers coming over winter break – “follow me” print queue, it follows you, can print anywhere, FACULTY: all will need ID cards with them to print with this set up.

Cylance, a new tool for protection running now, Windows side, monitor only model, activated last week for quarantine threats for administrators only, new methods of mathematical heuristics to find threats, Windows only so far.

Wireless issues on campus lately, if any issues let helpdesk know via email – read under the dome about upgrades, OS, SW, etc. don’t get Windows 11, ITS is testing Office 16.

Respectfully submitted,
Deb Burhans