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2-3 pm, President’s Board Room

Khalid Bibi, Jesse Blum, Deb Burhans (Secretary), Scott Clark, Larry Deni, Marianne Djuth, Dan Drew, Christy Hoffman, Mark Gallimore, Charlie Goodsell, Pat Johnson, BJ Khang, Dave Koenig, Nicholas Lorgnier, Leah MacVie, Susan Margulis, Mark Meyer, Fr. Marty Moleski Fr. Mike Pastizzo, Yvonne Widenor, Chuck Wigley (Chair)
Preview – Chuck: Christmas party preparations are underway; train will be differently scaled, expect surprises

I. ITS Updates (Scott Clark)

Help Desk has moved and is now down in HOD basement by bookstore, many aren’t yet aware of this – foot traffic has improved
Scott shared punched cards as a show and tell, delivered by private courier (aka Dave Koenig)

Wireless access on campus has been terrible, articles in Griffin, complaints, Library has been improved, next Old Main and Lyons, other buildings will be improved as can be accommodated – the problem is known. Expectations are greater these days, and many more devices e.g. phones and tablets are vying for connectivity. If you know of specific locations with problems let ITS know by emailing the helpdesk – – OM 204 has no connection, for example.

Don’t use Canisius Guest (Canisius resources not available, completely open). Gryphon vs Canisius Wiress – Gryphon is unencrypted, Canisius Wireless is encrypted. Might get new networking system that improves registration (or update current) in a couple years.

Web browsers: Chrome is recommended for academic side of things, business end of things use IE 11 (Windows) and Safari (Mac)

Upgrades to OS versions and other Software: Don’t upgrade to Windows 10 or El Capitain, issues still exist including printing, plugins, java, etc. even on personal machines. Office 2016 is in testing, very similar to Office 365, current bug in Excel on Mac side – apply patch, Excel ceases to function. Possible OS and Office upgrades next summer.

Printing: new Comdoc contract, printer utilization studies guiding this. Follow me printing implemented – print anywhere with swipe. Every print job will be associated with your card, including machines in your office. What about failure of printers? Not certain yet. Also they are testing mobile printing (from mobile device). What about options for printing? Follow me printing doesn’t include stapling, etc. Will have a different Follow Me print driver – black and white OR color, where black and white is the default. For your own departmental printer use your own custom settings, they will not follow you around though.

Lengthy discussion of printing issues, utilization based on click counts on printers. Fancy papers probably not in Follow Me queue. Faculty department printers will have the ability to use advanced features. Not clear how fax will work. Might be available as digital service accessible from individual computers, might be on central computers. Administrative assistants will have to swipe every time they print.

We will all have to carry our ID cards everywhere. How about when you have a student assistant print for you? Could augment student printing allowance? Possibly departmental print cards.
II. Discussion of ACAC Exemplary Achievement Award (2015) & Award Funding (Chuck Wigley)
Previous years’ awardees are Dr. Joel A. Cohen (2012), Ms. Estelle M. Siener (20013), and Mr. Joseph F. Rizzo (2014).

Service above and beyond the call of duty in terms of computing and academic considerations is considered in bestowing the award. No nominations of people by those in same department. In the past the award has been somewhat expensive. If anyone can think of how to fund this that would be great. There is a plaque on the wall here in Bagen listing the awardees by year.

III. Items from the Floor: Faculty Concerns about Any Computing Technology
(e.g., password policies, email retention policies, printer replacement issues, classroom technology concerns, virus & malware protection software).

[Please note: The purpose Agenda Item III is, primarily, to have faculty technology concerns brought forth in an open forum for discussion so that problems (if any) and their causes, can be identified, and potential solutions can be considered and implemented.]

In next few meetings the agenda may be less tightly structured and we will invite faculty to bring back more concerns or ideas or anything to discuss from others on campus – hence this bullet point. Scott brought up the example of making it easier for students to use their own laptops – power stations, fast chargers.

There are two concerns (Mark) regarding blogs. Having easy access blog software that people could use would be great (e.g. in Confluence) – something that allowed us to set up an ad hoc blog say to discuss something in the Core Curriculum. We are moving to a new blog server. For discussion, you could use Google groups – it doesn’t need D2L and you can set up yourself. Currently you have to talk to Leah and Mark G. about these issues and getting set up.

How hard would it be to modify Windows image for the labs half way through the year? Scott – depends on what needs to be changed. Tools will be coming online soon that will make changing easier. Major limitation is time between semesters, this semester only 2.5 weeks. In Labs deep freeze is applied, on Windows machines it has to be done manually. Lyons thaws every Saturday morning for a few hours (Mac labs). Not clear that this will be possible for Windows machines.

Susan – could there be a larger lab to accommodate students? Does not appear to be the case.

IV. Update: Planning for ACAC December Christmas Party (Chuck Wigley)

ACAC Christmas party – there is no external funding. Bring food if you like. Chuck is bringing the Christmas train again. Leah has volunteered to coordinate the food and other things for the ACAC Christmas party.

[Aside: We have two members HERE who are actually on sabbatical!!]

For next time:

Website is getting updated, including the front page and departmental pages. We will invite Kevin Blake to come to our meeting and talk about it.

Respectfully submitted,
Deb Burhans