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Jointly advisory to Vice President of Academic Affairs and to Vice President for Business and Finance, the committee is responsible for facilitating communication between faculty and various administrative units which support teaching and learning, including ITS, regarding technology on campus, academic computing resources and services, new technology innovations, changes, and recommendations for improvement.

Membership shall be based on the official college list of committees as maintained by the president of the college. Annually, individual departments shall be asked, following the final April meeting, to send a representative to join ACAC in Fall Semester.

Except as otherwise noted, Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (1970 and newer versions of the rules) shall be followed. A quorum is defined as having been met when at least six individuals holding membership meet during one of the seven regular meetings where the six individuals are comprised, minimally, of three faculty members and three technology staff members.

Recognizing its purely advisory function, all persons attending ACAC sessions are entitled to vote on motions requiring committee votes.

CHAIR: The chair of ACAC shall be appointed by the outgoing chair and, to be eligible for serving as chair, shall hold full-time faculty status. Absent a call for a vote on the chair position, the chair will continue for an indefinite term. If a call is made for a vote on the chair position, the vote will be held at the first regular session following the session when the call was made.

The chair shall be responsible for calling meetings, establishing agenda items prior to meetings, assigning time limits to agenda items, enforcing time limits, giving advanced notice of agenda items and time limits, and seeing that ACAC web postings are proper and timely.

SECRETARY: The secretary shall be appointed by the chair.

REGULAR MEETINGS (Frequency & Duration): Seven meetings will be held during the academic year. One meeting will occur in each of October, November, December, February and March. Two meetings will occur in April. These seven meetings constitute regular meetings. Except for the December and final April session, meetings will take place on the first Wednesday of each month from 2:00-3:00 and the final meeting for the year will be on the last Wednesday of April. The December meeting will take place from 2:00 to 4:00 on the first Wednesday of December.

SPECIAL SESSIONS: Special sessions may be called from time-to-time.

CHRISTMAS PARTY: An annual Christmas party will be held during the December meeting.

MINUTES: Minutes shall be recorded by the secretary. Minutes will reflect what was done but not necessarily what was said during meeting sessions, unless necessary, for example, in constructing formal documents. Minutes will be distributed through the official ACAC web site.

WEB SITE: A web site shall be maintained by the chair. Said site shall include
1) a current copy of this document,
2) a statement “About ACAC,”
3) a copy of meeting minutes with ancillary postings,
4) a copy of any official publication of ACAC, such as “Banana Time,” and
5) such other materials as deemed prudent by the chair of ACAC.

BANANA TIME NEWSLETTER: ACAC shall maintain and distribute an in-house publication, named “Banana Time,” that identifies, describes, and evaluates some particular aspect of technology or that presents one or more interesting facts about technology (e.g., of an historic nature).

ACAC will annually award the “Academic Computing Advisory Committee Award for Exemplary Contribution to the Innovation of Technology at Canisius College.” An individual award, e.g., a cut glass trophy, shall be given to each awardee. Plaques and nameplates in honor of ACAC award recipients shall be posted near Office of the President.

Award Guidelines: Awardees shall have served at the college for a substantial period of time and shall have demonstrated service in the innovation of technology at Canisius College considerably greater than the contribution that is ordinarily required as part of job responsibilities. Nominations for the award shall be made to any member of the subcommittee, but nominees (retired or otherwise) may not be nominated by an individual from his or her own department.

ACAC Award Subcommittee: ACAC Award Subcommittee shall consist of the Chair of ACAC, previous awardees that elect to participate, and volunteers from the ACAC official committee membership list. The subcommittee shall conduct its business in accordance with this document. In any event, the committee shall meet at least twice a year outside of regular sessions.

Annually, Chair of ACAC, Secretary of ACAC, and one additional member of ACAC shall assess the apparent successes and failures of ACAC in meeting its charge and the requirements of this document. A report will be made and submitted at the final session of the year for inclusion in the minutes. Said report shall then constitute the first agenda item for the next regular session.

Nothing stated in this document shall serve to limit the ordinary and customary way that ACAC conducts its business as reflected in the first 25 years of its existence (1986-2011).
Approved by committee, February 3, 2016