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WHEN: April 30, 2014 (Wednesday), 2:00-3:00
WHERE: President’s Board Room

Meeting called to order by Chuck Wigley at 2:05


1. Introduction of new members & approval of April minutes.
The minutes of the April meeting were approved unanimously.

2. Concerns & problems with Canisius email “120 day delete” policy as expressed to ACAC Chair by numerous faculty members
Chuck Wigley conveyed to the Committee a number of concerns that had been directed to him by faculty concerning the Canisius email policy of deleting inbox messages after 120 days. Issues include the amount of time it takes to manage emails, the fact that email deletions occur on a daily (rather than semester or academic-year basis), and important email threads may be lost as a consequence. Questions were raised about whether deleted emails could be retrieved by ITS. While it is possible, it is not a trivial thing and requires a bulk retrieval process. ACAC members inquired as to the rationale and origin of the policy, as it was not initiated by ITS. The policy is legally motivated. Considerable discussion ensured regarding shifting the policy to better reflect the academic calendar, with deletions occurring on a semester- or academic-year basis. This would make intuitive sense and be more in line with the way we work. There was strong consensus that the current policy of individual emails being deleted every 120 days was problematic. While ITS encouraged faculty to organize emails into folders, there will always be important items in the inbox at risk of deletion.
Chuck moved a resolution, seconded by Pat, asking that the college consider extending the time period for automatic email deletion from 120 days to 270 days (an academic year). The motion was approved unanimously.

3. Following this vote, a discussion ensued concerning what medium of communication should be used to communicate information to faculty: The Dome, the Portal, or the faculty/staff email list. The issue arose because email is not considered an appropriate path for publicizing events, and The Dome will not advertise events of interest at other institutions. Any postings to the Faculty/Staff email list must be approved by the list moderator (Chair of the Faculty Senate). At present, the only announcements that come via this route are emails from Public Safety or the President. Although The Dome is considered to be the official line of communication, many faculty do not have the time to read it. Current guidelines as to what is appropriate to send via email appear to be unclear, and the recommendation was made that the policy be clarified and made available (it cannot be readily found on the Portal). It was suggested that Public Relations may be the keeper of the policy.
Deb Burhans moved a resolution, seconded by Chuck Wigley, to request that Public Relations make the policy for internal communication available and posted on the Portal. The motion was approved unanimously. Deb Burhans volunteered to follow up on this with Public Relations, and it was suggested that Eileen Herbert would be the likely contact person. ACAC will follow up in the fall by inviting a representative from PR to the first ACAC meeting of the year.

4. Announcements & Updates from ITS
Please let ITS know about software requirements for the FALL no later than July 1.
Everyone is reminded that Angel goes away effective May 31. All courses from fall ’11 through fall ’13 have been copied over to D2L. It is easy to copy content from these older courses into current and future course shells. Ask Estelle, Leah or Mark for assistance; it is an easy process.
D2L workshops will be held throughout the summer; please see the Portal for dates, times, and to register. Two-day bootcamps: will be held in June and July. There will also be face to face and virtual workshops.
If you need to have course sections merged, email the helpdesk with details (course sections, CRN’s).
A question was raised as to whether student photos were available in D2L, as they are in Angel. Unfortunately, there is not, presently, a way to do this, but Estelle will look into it. If students have uploaded a photo into their profile, then it will be visible. is soliciting new courses, to be offered on line in under-developed nations. They are particularly seeking courses in algebra, natural science, writing, and communication. They are offering a grant-funded workshop in West Virginia May 12-15 to facilitate. If you are interested in attending, or cannot attend but would like more information about offering a course, let Estelle know.
Joe Rizzo will be retiring June 30. He will be greatly missed!

The meeting adjourned at 3pm.

Submitted by Sue Margulis