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Minutes, ACAC meeting, Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Joe Rizzo (filling in for Chuck Wigley) at 2:05. Chuck arrived at 2:17 (thanks to Joe for filling in).


I.        The minutes of the February and March meetings were approved unanimously.


II.     iAdvise update. Blair Foster provided an update on the transition to iAdvise. The system has been met with great enthusiasm by faculty and administrators as a huge improvement over WSTR001. Changes to iAdvise are being made regularly, based on feedback. Please email Blair with comments or suggestions. Some easy changes can be readily implemented. The latest update took place on April 3. Others may take longer, but the in-house programming team (Russ and Pam in ITS) who developed iAdvise is very responsive. The most recent update expanded the list of available students to include Honors, HEOP, pre-professional, and ULLC. A new historical search has also been added (for students who are no longer enrolled). Eventually, it may be possible to directly access a griffaudit from iAdvise, though this is not likely to happen soon. More information on the current classes in which students are enrolled will be added, as will High School GPA. CRN number will be replaced with course number in the progress report tabs. Eventually, the faculty portal will include a notice if you have an iAdvise message that need your attention. Grade changes can be done on line, and will be forwarded for approval to the appropriate associate dean. Efforts are underway to establish an alert warning system in iAdvise, in an effort to identify students at risk as early as possible. They will show up at the top of the majors’ list. ACAC commends the efforts to develop and update iAdvise.


III.               Announcements and Updates from ITS

The helpdesk has been deluged with requests to migrate courses from Angel to D2L. The NEW plan is to migrate ALL courses. If you are teaching a summer course and it is not yet migrated, please contact the helpdesk. All others are in the queue. The entire migration process should be done by mid-May.  Faculty will still need to copy these migrated courses into current semester courses. This is an easy process. Estelle is preparing a video tutorial on how to do this, or you can contact the helpdesk.   It is advisable to review the material to ensure that it all transferred appropriately (occasionally, there is a glitch).  Angel goes away May 31.

All material in Angel groups is being copied as a backup. This is a laborious task, as it gets done one single file at a time. If there is a high-priority Angel group, please let ITS know. Similarly, if there is a group that does not need to be backed up, let ITS know. There are 1200 Angel groups at present. Sandboxes, demos and old searches will NOT be copied. If you need one of these, Please let ITS know. Groups will eventually be copied onto shared drives and accessible via the portal. Access will be permissions-based. Please contact Joe Rizzo with specific requests.  

As a reminder, Microsoft will stop support of windows XP as of April 8. If you are currently running a computer on Windows XP (these should only be in non-critical areas), please contact the Helpdesk. Note that the machine will still work fine, it just won’t be updated.

IV.              Further Discussion of “Getting on Board” with D2L (MacVie, Rizzo)

It is imperative to get all faculty ready for the transition to D2L. Leah MacVie continues to offer virtual training sessions during evening hours. ITS has been advertising training sessions via the portal and Under the Dome. It has been suggested that ITS send a representative to Chairs meetings to ensure that the message is conveyed to all departments. The issue will become increasingly serious as the fall approaches. ITS has 4 people able to assist with D2L training. All departments should make this an agenda item for End Of Year meetings.

A discussion ensued about how to get people to participate in ACAC. Chuck has requested that ACAC members submit a “testimonial” to him about why they attend ACAC, and what they get out of it.

The meeting adjourned at 3:07 

PLEASE NOTE: You may join or attend ACAC as an individual (i.e., even if you are not the designated representative of a department).  ACAC minutes may be found by typing in the following URL;