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Minutes of ACAC Fifth Meeting, 2013-2014

Submitted by Leah MacVie

Chuck Wigley called the meeting to order at 2:10 p.m. on March 5th.   Attendees included Chuck Wigley, Pat Johnson, Marianne Djuth, BJ Kahng, Marty Moleski, Mark Gallimore, Walt Drabek, Scott Clark, Joe Rizzo, Pat Coward, Nico Longier, Estelle Siener, and Dan Drew.  While Sue Margulis or Mark Meyer usually record ACAC minutes, they could not attend this session.  Leah MacVie volunteered to record minutes.



·         We are trying to get Desire2Learn on everyone’s agenda.

·         There was an announcement about the upcoming bootcamp in March, though Chuck noted that there will not be any traditional weapons involved. 

Joe Rizzo: 

·         Confirmed the bootcamp. All training info, including the bootcamp, will be announced in Under the Dome.

Scott Clark: 

·         Scott was sitting in for Estelle- ITS announcements.

·         Digital Day will be replaced by D2L Day this year on March 28 in the afternoon, and it will be really a faculty-led day. All info for D2L Day will be announced on 

· is now The former survey system is now gone. Pat noted that she missed this announcement in Under the Dome.

·         ITS outages: There were two recent internet outages. We try not to have outages, but we are trying to improve our communication to the on campus and off campus communities. If you have suggestions, please pass them along to Scott. Scott noted that we are learning as issues pop up. 

o    Chuck asked: What is the usual cause of an outage?

§  Scott noted that there are no ‘usual’ causes. The past two have been unexpected and were due to problems with the service providers. One was an error on their end and the other was physical damage to the cable. 

§  Walt Drabek added that the first was the ice getting in and freezing the conduit and the second was due to a sliced cable during construction. 

§  Scott noted that we have to be prepared to react and keep communication lines open. 

o    Chuck asked the best number to call.

§  Scott noted that individuals should call the helpdesk: 888.8340

o    Joe pointed out that Leah pointed out that we are no longer just a ‘campus community’. We have 13 online programs and 600 enrollments in online courses a semester and many online faculty. We have to find a mechanism to communicate to those individuals. Calling the helpdesk may not be the first thought as an online student. 

§  Scott noted that we are thinking of other options and that we are working on a multi-pronged approached to reach those off campus- including a Web page notice, etc. 

§  Chuck wondered if an alternative email can go out to individuals. 

§  Scott noted that they are looking into other uses of the emergency texting system. 

o    Chuck asked how public safety handles alerts. 

§  Scott discussed ITS’ process of calling a third party company to disseminate the text messages during school closings/emergencies. 

§  Walt noted that we will not use the emergency texting except for ‘life or death’ situations, which he means as shooter-on-campus or school closing to prevent accidents. Also we don’t want to abuse the service, we do have to pay for it every time we use it. 

o    Scott mentioned that we would need to find a means to email from off campus to notify individuals to individuals who had an alternative email, but not everyone has an alternative email. 

§  Marty Moleski clarified that folks on campus will not receive emails with a .edu domain because that system goes down when the Internet goes down. 

§  Walt mentioned that an email can be sent, and possibly through contingency planning but it would take money to use a system like this. 

§  He mentioned that we do have a contingency site at Niagara University, but by the time someone drove over there, it might not be worth it. 

§  Marty asked how complicated it would be to  switch servers. 

§  Scott said that there would be many programs to switch over, which takes time. It could take minutes to hours. 

§  There is a group working on it and weighing costs vs. what we can do for free. 

Chuck says there are the terms we have used this meeting: 

·         bootcamp

·         weapons

·         bifurcated

·         shotgun

·         bang for the buck

=treacherous grounds we travel in ACAC.

Cool things we’ve found in D2L:


Presented release conditions- being able to release certain items in D2L contingent upon the completion of something else. 

Mark Gallimore:

Using due dates and start dates. Programming those dates to the calendar and receiving the notifications on the phone. 


Asked: what are the biggest challenges with D2L:

·         Chuck: different terminology and nouns. 

Minutes for the February meeting will be considered for approval at the April 2nd meeting, where Blair Foster will present materials on iAdvise.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.