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Submitted by Sue Margulis

The meeting was called to order by Chuck Wigley at 2:05 pm.

The minutes from the December meeting were approved unanimously.

I.                 Announcements & Updates from ITS

Estelle introduced Mark Gallimore, newly-hired in the FaCTS Center. Mark will be working closely on the upcoming D2L conversion.

An important reminder to all is that Angel will go away on May 31. All summer sessions must use D2L. D2L workshops will continue throughout the semester, including another intensive D2L “Boot Camp” during spring break. Leah MacVie will be conducting several virtual workshops. Please check the Portal for details.

This spring, Digital Day will be replaced by “D2L Day”. This will give D2L users an opportunity to share what they have learned, and a chance for some additional D2L training. The date will be sometime in early March

Joe Rizzo reported that our survey software will be changing over from Checkbox 5.0 to Checkbox 5.6. Please contact Joe if you are a user and he will set up a user name for the new server along with a temporary password. Checkbox 5.0 files will NOT export to Checkbox 5.6, but rather must be saved as a .cvs file and converted to excel in order to move to the new version. Checkbox 5.0 will be gone after February 28.  

Estelle noted that faculty may purchase licenses for work at home versions of Microsoft products (and several others) by going to the link (they are no longer distributed at help desk). Follow the directions to go to the software site, Kivutu. Prices are excellent for fully-functional packages ($10 for Microsoft Office, for example). In addition to Office, licenses for Adobe Creative Suite and SPSS are available.

II.              Discussion of D2L

Joe Rizzo provided opportunity for discussion concerning D2L. He welcomes feedback from any faculty currently using D2L concerning what is working well, and what is problematic. Some faculty have expressed concern over how students will deal with the new operating system, especially juniors and seniors who may be particularly entrenched in Angel. Joe is developing tutoring sessions for students, and Help material and videos are being created as well. Joe demonstrated some basic navigation in D2L, and noted that it has greater compatibility with browsers than Angel did. D2L is hosted elsewhere and the system updates the system. Anyone having browser-related problems should check the System Check tab in order to determine if there are any critical problems. The “help for instructors or staff” link provides additional D2L help.

In order to convert a course from Angel to D2L, email the helpdesk and be sure to include the following information: course title, course number, CRN, and what semester you are converting from. This information is also essential to merge courses. 

While all Angel courses will be backed up, they will not automatically be migrated to Angel. All faculty should email the helpdesk (as noted above) to convert courses. This is particularly important for faculty teaching summer courses.

The issue of non-class Angel groups is a bit of a challenge. ITS is trying to keep D2L free of non-course groups. Groups that require specific levels of specificity will probably have to go into D2L. ITS will work one-on-one with departments to address specific needs. Any documents or groups that can be shifted to the portal will be. Pat Coward noted that the process of moving documents is very tedious 

Joe recommended that everyone try to attend a workshop or boot camp. ITS is willing to meet with faculty one-on-one, but this must be planned in advance.

D2L is very powerful, but has some quirks. ITS will help overcome some of the frustrations. 

III. Items from the floor

Although time was short, Chuck conveyed an email message from Dennis Mike commending ITS for its support through the D2L conversion and his (Dennis’) concern that “our Tech Support team is ridiculously understaffed.”  Dennis was unable to attend the meeting on account of inclement weather.

PLEASE NOTE: You may join or attend ACAC as an individual (i.e., even if you are not the designated representative of a department).  ACAC minutes may be found by typing in the following URL;

 Meeting adjourned: 3:05pm