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Minutes, ACAC meeting, April 10, 2013, 2:00-3:00pm, by Sue Margulis, Ph.D.

Chuck Wigley called the meeting to order at 2:03pm

  1. Introductions, approval of minutes, Banana Time Update

The minutes of the March 6 meeting were approved.

Chuck continues to seek submissions for Banana Time. Please send your submissions to Chuck. Chuck asked if submissions could be solicited from outside of Canisius, and no one expressed any concerns with this suggestion.

Chuck suggested that we consider having an ACAC picnic this summer. Please email Chuck with your thoughts on a BYOC (Bring Your Own Chicken) barbeque sometime this summer.


  1. Discussion of Awards
    1. Suggested modifications

This year, the second ACAC lifetime achievement award was presented (to Estelle Siener). In addition, a certificate was award in recognition of a specific accomplishment (to Joe Rizzo). ACAC generated a list of potential future certificate recipients, however Chuck pointed out that this list may be perceived as a “short list” for the annual lifetime achievement award. There was some discussion about discontinuing the certificates and sticking to a single award each year. There was consensus on this topic.  A motion to eliminate the secondary awards (certificates) was made and seconded, and approved by the Committee.

  1. Fundraising results and accounting

ACAC raised $108.02 towards covering the cost of the ACAC awards. While this was a bit short of the goal ($181), we continue to make progress. Chuck noted that the original plan was for the FaCTS Center to cover the award cost, but this became problematic as a result of budgetary constraints. It is expected that this will not be a problem in future years.


Estelle—Please let ITS know no later than July 1 if you have software needs for use in computer labs in the fall.

Email retention: The April 15 deadline to implement the planned changes to retention has been postponed to July 15 (items older than 120 days will be automatically deleted from inbox and sent mail folders). Everyone is advised to create alternate folders for messages they wish to retain.

LMS: The college is currently negotiating with D2L, and is close to a deal which will give us D2L for a pilot group and defer payment to June 2014. The deans are on the verge of approving. Pilot group will consist of 1000 users (students + faculty) in the fall; this could increase by spring before the full transition in fall 2014. Dennis noted this could be problematic, particularly for online programs, if students had some courses in Angel and some in D2L. He suggested that the pilot group perhaps should focus on whole programs or departments. Dennis also expressed concern over the pilot phase, which could result in a “cold” transition for many in Fall 2014.  The LMS subcommittee identified “a smooth transition” as being critical by the faculty. Estelle will convey this to the deans. However, she pointed out that this was similar to the previous transition, in which people self-selected Angel versus Blackboard such that most transitioned cold.

The results of the MISO survey suggest that 72% of faculty access Angel at least 3x week. This is much lower for students.

Several specific Angel problems were discussed, with ITS consensus that these may in fact be browser compatibility problems, not Angel problems. Please contact the Helpdesk with any problems. There are some work-arounds if you have problems sending or receiving emails via Angel. Of particular note: all classes have listprocs set up, and instructors can use this to communicate with classes. The class address is: (deptcourse#sec) (e.g., Most ACAC members were unaware of this feature.

Upcoming events: Pat Coward will be sending a message about a series of academic integrity webinars during the week of April 22, every day @ 1pm.

Leah: Upcoming workshops of note. GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar (the latter can host up to 100 users). There is a GoToMeeting webinar once a month. An online course development workshop is underway and another starts in May. Mission softchalk starts in June. There is a new version of softchalk, which can be found in the Angel softchalk user group; this is version 8. There will be an advanced technologies workshop also over the summer.

Jodi: There will be a Smartboard users group meeting on April 26, right before last academic integrity workshop. If you are interested in learning how to use smartboards in higher education, consider attending. All workshops are listed in the portal.

Scott: The iPad user group meets this Friday and Friday May 10 (the second Friday of the month, 1:30). Come if you are just thinking about getting one, or using other related technologies. No meetings over the summer. Scott will demonstrate the ability to present wirelessly from an iPad. Rick Bettencourt from Apple will be on campus for a workshop on Tuesday, May 14. The morning session (9-noon) will cover ibooks Author, and the afternoon session (1-3) will cover iTunes. This event is open to all, but space is limited, so sign up if you are interested.


  1. Catalog

Deb Burhans brought up issues relating to the college catalog. The catalog online is inaccurate because of problems with the last printing. There were many problems with the production of the last catalog, and it is hoped that similar problems won’t arise as a new catalog is completed. Deb also raised the question of whether catalog information can directly propagate to department and program pages.

The remaining agenda items will be moved to the May meeting.

  1. Enhancing ACAC membership and reporting function
  2. Continued discussion: constructing ACAC subcommittees
    1. LMS
    2. Canisius Portal
    3. Online programs and technology


The meeting adjourned at 3:00pm




Friday May 3 (1-2pm) President’s Board Room