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Minutes, ACAC meeting, December 5, 2012, 2:00-3:00pm, by Sue Margulis, Ph.D.

Chuck Wigley called the meeting to order (2:03pm).

Minutes of the November 7 meeting were approved.

I. Consideration of proposal by Chuck Wigley to have an ACAC newsletter (called Banana Time), to be released along with ACAC minutes on an RSS feed.

Chuck proposed a weekly newsletter, “Banana Time,” in deference to a classic paper by DF Roy on workplace satisfaction. Submissions on technology-related topics of no more than 1 page from ACAC members, faculty, and students will be accepted. Besides minor copy editing, the submissions will not be edited (weekly, not edited). Banana Time would be uploaded every Thursday via an RSS feed and via the ACAC blog. RSS feeds are very useful, that offers an opportunity for the campus community to begin to use them. It was suggested that we encourage people to use and subscribe to an ACAC RSS feed. This will help us establish a system for disseminating information.

The motion to approve the initiation of Banana Time was made and seconded, and approved by unanimous vote. Submissions for Banana Time should be sent to Chuck.

II.  ITS Announcements & Updates (Estelle Siener)

Estelle Siener reported that Walt Drabek has met with Deb Park’s staff to discuss a mechanism for posting something only once even if it is to go on the web and the portal. Volunteers were requested for an ad hoc committee to establish a mechanism for reviewing and requesting dual posting. Dennis Mike and Mike Wood volunteered.

Software requests for spring are due by Dec 1, but requests submitted by the 7th can likely be accommodated. Please contact Estelle, Lisa Mastropaolo (PC), or Scott Clark (mac). A request was made by Mark that google chrome be installed on all lab computers. Leah MacVie will look into compiling a list of what software is on all lab computers.

Digital Day is March 1. Keynote speaker is Dr. Tracy Matrano, a lawyer/history PhD. Her talk will focus on academic integrity and it’s relation to how we teach. Dr. Matrano is a blogger for Inside Higher Education.  Proposals for Digital Day will be accepted through January 18th, and perhaps beyond that. For more information, to register, or to submit a proposal, go to

There will be a short down-time for Angel Thurs Dec 20 at 11am for up to 2 hrs.

On Friday, Dec 21, there may be a brief disruption due to upgrades to filer starting at 6-7am.

Joe announced upcoming FaCTS center workshops, and indicated that the FaCTS center is willing to go to departments to do group training. If there is a topic that is not covered, a workshop can be developed. Upcoming workshops and meetings: Fri December 14, the Ipad users group will meet in Science Hall 1017 at 1:30. Workshops and user group meetings will now be listed on Angel at the beginning of each month.

Scott reminded everyone of a College program for personal purchase of computer equipment. The college offers a $1000 interest-free loan for purchase of products (except smart phones) through Apple. For information, contact Natalie Klyczek.

III. Consideration of special motion by Melissa Menasco

Melissa Menasco made a special motion of appreciation on behalf of ACAC in honor of Kathy Nowicki’s retirement. The motion was read, unanimously approved, and signed by all ACAC members present. Thank you to Melissa for this effort.

Other items: Pat Coward pointed out that the campus-wide response rate by students for course evaluations was currently at 28%. She encouraged faculty to urge students to complete evaluations.

IV.  LMS (Dennis Mike)

Dennis reported on the progress of the ACAC subcommittee on Learning Management Systems.  In lieu of a survey, subcommittee members have begun meeting with departments.  Consensus is that Angel is not an ideal system, and has gotten progressively buggier. There was a strong feeling that mobile support for an LMS was critical. A transition to a new system needs to be smooth, with 1-2 semesters of overlap. The subcommittee has evaluated Canvas, and will be meeting next week to explore Desire 2 Learn. We will also arrange a meeting to review Blackboard in early January. The subcommittee’s goal is to make a recommendation for a replacement product. The recommendation will be given to ACAC as well as to the task force for on-line learning.

The subcommittee is hopeful that a transition can be made as early as the 2013-14 academic year, so we hope to have a final recommendation by February and will report at the first ACAC meeting of the semester. Angel is very problematic especially for on line teaching. It takes an inordinate amount of IT time to troubleshoot Angel.

The meeting formally adjourned at 3pm, followed by the annual party.  Thanks to those who brought delicious snacks.