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I.  Call to order (2:03 PM)

A.  Approval of  Oct. 3, 2012 Minutes
B.  Select new Secretary
Dr. Joel Cohen volunteered to take minutes for the 11/7 meeting. Dr. Sue Margulis, will take future minutes unless she has a schedule conflict
C.  ITS Announcements (Estelle Siener)
1.   Estelle Siener: Faculty should have software requests for computer labs to Lisa (Windows) Mastropaolo ( or Scott (Mac) Clark ( by December 1.
2.   Leah MacVie, Joe Rizzo, Jodi Moore: workshop training is available in many areas including: Smart Boards, Angel, Online Course Development, Softchalk, iPad. For a complete list of workshops, visit .
3.   Joe Rizzo reminded the committee that January 28, 2013 is the cutoff date for moving retained email (over 120 days) to avoid expungement.  Retained emails in the indicated folders will, thereafter, be expunged.

 II. Issues & Concerns with the College Web Page (David H. Courtney, Webmaster, Marketing & Communications; Walt Drabek, Interim Director of ITS)

Dave Courtney’s presentation is a follow-up to an earlier meeting on October 30th attended by Dr. Chuck Wigley, Dr. Joel Cohen, Walt Drabek, Dave Courtney, and Debra Park in which some of the web problems reported by faculty were discussed.

Dave Courtney explained that the work to date on the new website involved translating the old website to the new website. Problems on the old website were carried over. Some of these problems were not noticed by constituencies until the migration, and some people attributed problems that had been present for some time to the new website. Faculty and staff are encouraged to report problems to the webmaster at . So far, about 300 broken links have been reported and corrected.

Dr. Chuck Wigley reported that newly developed content on the “old site” appeared to have been superseded by older material on the new site. Dave Courtney will research this further. Dr. Dennis Mike reported that information on graduate admissions was difficult to find and could negatively impact graduate education enrollment. Dr. Pat Johnston also noted that work was needed for the graduate business program. Dave Courtney replied that Dr. Peggy McCarthy was working with a committee to improve the graduate programs web site and that it would also be helpful to work with someone in the Wehle School of Business.

Looking toward the future, there will be a better and hopefully more transparent division of content between the My Canisius Portal (ITS responsibility) for internal constituencies and (Marketing and Communication responsibility) for external constituencies. New pages for faculty profiles and graduate admissions are coming soon.

For appropriate content on, faculty and staff may rely on Marketing and Communication staff to collaborate on web development. Departments will be responsible for actual content. For those who wish, training is available to enable faculty and staff members to draft content directly. All content on is subject to review by Marketing and Communication.

Following discussion of the external web, Walt Drabek said he wished to work with representatives from ACAC to further develop the usefulness of the MyCanisius portal for faculty. This will be a topic for the December ACAC meeting.


III. Special ACAC presentation

Dr. Jim Dolan, Chair Emeritus of the Academic Computing Advisory Committee, presented Dr. Joel Cohen with a special citation plaque that recognized his service to academic computing. (See Citation in separate post)

 IV.  Executive Session: ACAC “Significant Contribution” Nominations & Vote (Dr. Mark Meyer, Dr. Nancy Bailey)


PLEASE NOTE: You may join or attend ACAC as an individual (i.e., even if you are not the designated representative of a department).  ACAC minutes may be found by typing in the following URL;

Respectfully, thankfully, and awkwardly submitted

Joel A. Cohen