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ACAC Meeting convened at 2:10.  The minutes of the May 2, 2012 meeting were approved.

Joel Cohen will take minutes in the future. Thanks to Mark Myer for taking excellent minutes for the last several years.

1.     Introductions and Discussion of the College’s “New Portal” and Website
At 2:10 P.M. Chuck Wigley convened the meeting in the President’s Board Room.  Each person present introduced themselves.  Discussion of concerns about the college’s new portal and website followed.

Pat Coward stated that the CTE website won’t be available on the public website. This is being disputed.  This speaks to the larger issue of the portal or website.  Items currently missing include things like the Council on Accountancy and information on purchasing a new computer  from ITS.

Deb Burhans asked about the proper communication channel to report erroneous information, etc.   The new catalog is correct but isn’t reflected on the website.  Who has responsibility for the website?

Joel Cohen suggested that ACAC might invite someone who manages the portal as well as marketing and communications representatives to an ACAC meeting.  Two people handling are the College web site right now. The impression is that it is the departments’ responsibility.

The college is currently out of compliance with Middle States – learning goals not available etc.; the website is also not currently ADA compliant .

Information has been communicated to There is a need to get to people beyond those doing the mechanics. Deb Park is the person with responsibility for this area. Invite her and anyone she needs to bring along with her to the next ACAC meeting.

Dennis Mike added that with the lack of ADA compliance there is exposure for lawsuits and the need to act quickly to comply.

Deb Burhans emphasized that these aren’t little things and are embarrassing on top of everything else.

Joel Cohen stated that the group will need to push this to get changes made.  Scott Clark suggested that the best way to start is by sitting down with people to share concerns.

Chuck Wigley suggested  having a special session and invite Deb Park. The meeting should be in a larger space and invite anyone who is interested. Try to open some dialogue.

The question was raised regarding involving the faculty senate. Is there anyone on faculty since maintaining the website appears to be added to faculty responsibility.

Leah MacVie suggested that the group  may want to have a solution in mind and then have a rep sit down with each department.

Chuck Wigley will speak with Deb Park and Walt Drabek to arrange a time to go see them privately and discuss the problem and what is causing it.  Deb Burhans, Dennis Mike, and Joel Cohen volunteered to accompany Chuck.  There is enough information available already and the problem needs a solution in the short term.

Bob Grabowski is transferring Media Center pages to the portal; portal itself seems okay but very time consuming to transfer everything up. There is no uniformity to pages– a “Wild West” approach.  Currently there is no approval before the content is available. This is for the portal, not website specifically. If it can be accessed by the public, someone may want to see it first.

Some examples of current problems include:

  • adjuncts can’t access info on classrooms unless they can access portals.  Problem if correct information isn’t available to that group.  Information should be available to them.
  • Physics department – hosting conference – lost all information about directions, etc. Needed to go to another website to move forward on the time-sensitive information

Pat Coward – Lack of communication astonishing;   it has taken productivity to a new low level and the timing was incredibly bad

Deb Burhans raised the concern that new things affecting faculty should not be communicated on Under the Dome  but at least emailed.  There also needs to be a place to look for current policies, etc.

2. Learning Management System
Dennis Mike updated the group on the activities of the LMS subcommittee.  The group has met twice so far.  Members of the subcommittee will be meeting with individual departments rather than a survey to gather information on things like  how fearful people are about migrating, what they want in an LMS, etc.

The subcommittee is looking for more members to have a better representation – contact Dennis if you are interested.  The meetings are on Tuesdays at 9:30 with the next meeting scheduled for October 23rd.

3. ITS initiatives – Estelle Siener
Estelle introduced Jodi Moore, who will be located in the FACTS center; Jodi brings with her expertise in Angel.

Several workshops are currently being offered  – register at  Over the summer, the college switched to Go to Meeting – workshops will be held for anyone interested.

There is a new email policy that will go into effect in January of 2013.  It is a directive from board of directors.  Only 120 days of messages can be retained in the Inbox and 30 days in the Sent box. Joe Rizzo has been developing strategies for dealing with this and sessions are available to assist with the transition.

There is an ongoing iPad user group meeting the 2nd Friday of the month.

The survey program has been updated – not new but looks different and is improved; will be used for elections.

MISO survey on library and technology services will happen in February; includes some media center questions.  The survey was started by Bryn Mawr and is a comparison survey with peers all over the country.

4.  Resolution on Excellent Work Done By Dr. Joel Cohen
A draft of the resolution thanking Joel Cohen for his years of service was read by Dennis Mike.  Two minor changes were suggested.  The resolution with the minor changes was voted on and approved unanimously.

It will be presented to Joel at the November meeting.

A signature line will be added that indicates the resolution was adopted “by unanimous declamation of the members of Academic Computing Advisory Committee.”

5.  Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at approximately 3 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pat Johnson