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Minutes of Meeting Mar. 7, 2012

 1.  Introduction and Approval of Minutes

At 2:05 P.M. Chuck Wigley convened the meeting in the President’s Board Room.  Since the secretary was so slow in getting the minutes typed up from the previous meeting, they were not yet ready for approval.

2.  Discussion by attendees

There were some complaints about printer problems affecting Apple computers due to a switch of the printer server by ITS.  Clark said messages went to department chairs and secretaries who were supposed to disseminate info about the change.  People either ignored or didn’t share the information.  ITS didn’t send out a campus-wide blast to avoid spamming.  Some people were really upset.  This highlighted the importance of communication.

Wigley noted some scheduling problems with Digital Day this year.  A number of people who were supposed to go till 4  but some people went to lunch due to food not being available after 3pm.  Some presenters didn’t show up.  Some people thought that since the last session started at 3 it was okay to pull up the iPad cart and leave.A suggestion was made that in the future, the poster session not go an entire afternoon lest people have to sit there all afternoon. Wigley thought Digital Day should be shorter so everyone could be there.   Leah MacVie said they would like to see more Canisius people.  Out of 150 attendees, few were Canisius people.

Moleski said the campus mail server has gone down a couple times, once on the weekend and once on a Monday night, and he contacted Public Safety about it.  Clark reported that it was a hard crash of the server.  There was not a timely response due to key people being out of town.   Moleski said the system status on the ITS website is not often updated but Clark responded that  it might not be an active monitoring page.  Public Safety doesn’t want to field all those off-hours calls, so we need more efficient alternate channels.  Warszawski said they figured out how to make it work and now need to implement it soon, probably in the next month.  The directors of ITS will alternate weekends being on call.  Moleski said Public Safety is not cheerfully doing this, so they need to be taken out of the loop because they are the only ones on campus 24×7.  Moleski suggested buying an answering service, though in these tight-budget days that is unlikely.

3.  Presentation about WordPress

Rob Kaiser and David Shanks of Communication Studies Department, the Multimedia Journalism program, talked about WordPress and how to use it in the classroom.  Canisius has a university version of WordPress on our servers. got set up.  Request an account from them.  The URL is:

Kaiser showed a student project, namely the reporting of a simulated hostage situation.  Students created this as an educational project and developed the content in Google docs in order to share.  They also wrote primers on how to write a news story.    In addition, they had to learn how to build a website and navigate a content management system which is today’s model.  The reporter/writer has to be the one knowing how to navigate a website and post it, Kaiser said.  They had trouble with embedded video on our server so they went directly to which gives updated software, more backgrounds, etc.  Shanks said using WordPress like this forces students to make their work public.  If they aren’t comfortable with this, they had better know it now than on the job later.  Also they have to post comments on other students’ work.  Clarks suggested this be incorporated into the portfolio review.  Kaiser said you can make your own blogs, from personal to corporate.

4.  ITS announcements

Clark handled the announcements from ITS since Siener and Cohen are out of town.  Software requests are due May 1.  If you have summer class software, ITS needs this in April because the only time to do any software changes is during senior week.

Science Hall is taking shape, he said, and it will host lots of technology classrooms.  There are scale-up rooms with technology built in for collaborative learning and lot more group learning.  Pat Coward took proposals for use of these classrooms and the proposals are now being reviewed.

Science Hall will be dust free in July, Clark said, so everyone should feel invited to come walk through it early August.  ITS won’t move in until December.  First floor will be ready for fall semester.  Lots of different ITS people will coordinate various moves.  Physical Plant will move faculty books, he said.

There will be another iPad user group this Friday at 1:30 in the conference room.

John Landis from Apple will speak tomorrow in the Regis Room South, 1pm.  He will talk about ebooks.  Make sure and register if you wish to attend.  Announcements about this event were made in Under the Dome.  Apple is a major player in the area of eBooks and is now renting textbooks.  Authors can make changes on the fly.  There is also the ability to regionalize textbooks, such as American History, where a whole chapter can be written by a local author that just interests Western New York.  Canisius High School has gone to entirely electronic textbooks using iPads.  Every single student has an iPad.  Books are available in PDF format.

5.  Sending the letter about security position

Wigley brought up the idea, discussed last month, of sending letter to Joel Cohen, urging him to fill Matt Gracie’s position as security expert.  He read a draft of the proposed letter (see below.)  The ACAC Committee members approved the idea of sending such as letter  9-0-0.  ITS members were excluded to prevent a conflict of interest.

Dr. Wigley moved that the following letter be sent to Vice President Cohen with courtesy copies to Vice President Richey and President Hurley;

The Academic Computing Advisory Committee respectfully requests that the college replace its chief information security officer, Matthew Gracie, with a full time employee.  As Matt has taken a position elsewhere, the committee seeks to maintain optimal levels of security by gaining a dedicated replacement for Matt, esp., with his specialized skill set.

Charles J. Wigley III, Ph.D., J.D.
Chair, ACAC
Professor, Communication Studies

6.  Other issues

The Canisius Classic Car and Flying plane show hasn’t taken the ground yet, Wigley reported.

Wigley suggested a new Faculty Award for Innovation in Academic Computing.  ACAC could set up a 3-person subcommittee to review nominations, with at least one ITS member on it.  Any faculty would be eligible for the award.  Unfortunately, there is no budget to provide an award.  Wigley suggested that Pat Coward could sponsor it, perhaps naming it after someone who has had a major impact on teaching and technology, such as like Ray Clough.  Another idea might be to mount a plaque in the hallway, as is currently done with some awards.

The committee was in favor of this.

6.  Adjournment

We adjourned about 3:04.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Meyer