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1. Introduction and Approval of Minutes

At 2:05 P.M. Chuck Wigley convened the meeting in the President’s Board Room. Marianne Djuth moved to accept the minutes of Dec. 7, 2011, which were written by M. Moleski, and the minutes were approved unanimously. All ACAC minutes and related materials are available through

We went around the room, introducing ourselves and telling what mobile device we are using for QR codes. Many people don’t have one or don’t use it so they don’t know. Many think they have one, usually on their cell phone, but never use it. Some use it on their iPads. Many have an app called Red Laser which can be used with regular bar codes and QR. The website was recommended as a way to find comparative price information of bar code reader apps.

There was concern about code readers downloading malware. When you go to the web address you might get a virus. But the size of QR codes restricts virus payloads. Some have heard rumors that people are pasting other QR codes on top of regular QR codes to send to a competitor’s site. One benefit is that there is QR printer software so you could paste the QR code on your resume for the convenience of your prospective employers.

Along these lines, there was some discussion about 3-D printers which make objects, usually out of a molded plastic.

2. Discussion by attendees

Wigley noted that Matt Gracie’s last day is today. Since security is a big issue, Wigley proposed ACAC passing a resolution, directed to Dr. Joel Cohen of ITS, that the security position be filled as soon as possible. Wigley will draw something up for the March meeting and we will discuss it then. Wigley noted that having something go wrong in the realm of security could be much more expensive than the savings from Matt’s vacant position. Cohen says we are already short-staffed. He said further that Matt has a very specialized skill set. Some of his knowledge and responsibilities overlap with other ITS staff persons. Cohen will cover the critical parts of what Matt is doing. The reality will be very challenging. ACAC voted 10-0-2 to forward this concern to Cohen and ITS.

3. How to build your own website from the ground up

Rev. Marty X. Moleski gave an excellent presentation on how to create your own website, using various services, some free, some inexpensive, and others that scale up to match one’s needs. His website is (noting that his brother’s website is Moleski has had it for ten years and pays $10/month at

Wigley recommended the book “Build a Website for Free” by Mark Bell, Que publishing, c 2011.

Moleski entertained questions about how to construct and host a website.

4. ITS announcements

Along the lines of your own website, Siener said our “H:” drives have a public_html folder that is visible to the outside world. You can get your feet wet there by posting .html files.

Siener reported on the activities of the LMS (learning management system) task force to replace Angel. Their report was tabled for budgetary reasons. She thanked all on this committee who served on that task force. We won’t be changing LMS this year and will continue with Angel, but by 2014, there will be no support. But there are numerous issues with Angel, including some with mobile versions of Safari. ITS submitted a bug ticket to Angel so it might get fixed. We are on Angel 8 (used to be 7.4). Firefox 10 was just announced, but we only officially support Firefox 8. There are slight changes to Angel gradebook and assessments. There will be workshops available.

Siener noted upcoming workshops on Softchalk, Elluminate, and Powerpoint.  Registration can be found at:

Two events are upcoming, Siener noted:
1. Online education task force forum – On March 1; a draft report will be available soon.
2. Digital Day – March 2, starts at 11am.
Our speaker from Google will not be speaking due to illness in the family.

With regards to software, there are many important issues this semester, due to Science Hall opening in the fall. Course requests due soon, so think about extra software that you will need. ITS wants to have it by May 1 if possible.

Cohen spoke about the Library Plan. The rest of us will have an opportunity soon to see the draft of it via Google Docs.

6. First annual “ACAC Classic Car and Flying Plane Show”

Wigley proposed an ACAC event to bring people together and give publicity to the name ACAC. This could coincide with the Carnival. Class cars could be shown. It would be a social mixer for late the spring semester. The college has tried car shows before but were poorly but were poorly attended. All were in favor of Wigley investigating this further.

7. Scott Clark’s announcements

A workshop on Final Cut Pro will be held soon in the Library Conference room.