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I.  Chair’s reports

A. Member introductions

B. Distribution of $1 solar calculators to users.

C. November 2, 2011 minutes were unanimously approved on a motion by Marianne Djuth.  November 2, 2011 minutes appear at:     (If the URL is not clickable, copy and paste it into into your browser address line and press return)

D. The Treasury is showing a $4 deficit at present.  Several schemes were proposed by the Chair to remedy this situation.  The Committee, like his proposals, seemed strangely unmoved.

II.  Discussion of campus technology.

A. Questions, concerns, comments, gripes,or compliments concerning campus technology are always welcome so that we can discuss them as a group.

B. Discussion of the IBM version of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences:

    •  is licensed for use on campus.
    •  is not browser-based, but must be installed on the computer being used.
    •  is installed on all PCs in labs; available on Macs as needed.
    •  is very expensive.
    •  is powerful and impressive as a demonstration tool in the classroom; students can see how quickly and easily a data set can be interpreted using SPSS.

C. PSPP is a free, open-source program for the statistical analysis of sampled data.  Syntax and data files are compatible with SPSS.  Binary versions of the program should be downloaded directly from links on the development website and checked with a virus scanner before installation:

D. SPSS Amos can be licensed, too.  It provides graphical views of SPSS data sets.  Amos is not installed in labs at present.

E. For qualitative studies, NIVO is being used for surveys and statistics.

F. Joe Rizzo noted that there is a known bug in the search function for Outlook Web Access.  If you are having trouble with searching, you may use the desktop Outlook client.  The Outlook server will be patched and tested over the break between semesters.

G. The latest version of Firefox and Chrome 2 will work with Angel, despite the warnings issued by the system.  There may be some problems with popups, moving windows, and inserting pictures using non-standard browsers.  If all else fails, please use Internet Explorer.

H. There is time available in upcoming ACAC meetings for faculty members to share their favorite educational applications.  It is a treat for ACAC and looks good on your resume as well.

III.  Using a PBworks wiki as an effective collaboration tool, Dr. Nancy M. Bailey, Adolescence Education:

  • good support
  • free for educational use
  • sufficient space
  • students must be added as editors by hand
  • enables in-depth discussion–better than Angel discussion groups
  • allows students to display their work
  • students make their own wikis and make Bailey a member on them
  • students can link to, create Glogs, insert widgets
  • cannot control access on a per-page basis with the free wiki
  • do not have full control over the page layout (e.g., white background for the body)

IV.  ITS announcements

A. Joel Cohen thanked members for helping with the development of the ITS/Library long-term planning.  He will circulate a draft of suggestions that have been made before the document is finalized in the spring.

B. Estelle Siener:

  • Four classrooms in Old Main will receive technical upgrades to HD status (104, 214, 310, 408): new Doc cams, new 16:10 screens (110″ x 69″), and a new control system.  The changes should be basically transparent to faculty in the sense that the new equipment will be accessed from a touchscreen as in the past.  The software mix available will remain the same as in the past.
  • Newer Mac computers are being installed in some locations with the same software suite as used in the past.
  • 7th Annual Digital Day, sponsored by CTE and ITS: Friday, March 2, all day.  See for the complete program.  Two keynotes will be given: Tamera Rosier will demonstrate advanced technology by giving a talk on metacognition.  Jaime Casap, the Senior Education Evangelist for Google Apps, will explain what Google can do to provide collaborative tools in the classroom.  Faculty or students who wish to share what they are doing may set up a table in the Grupp Fireside Lounge.

C. Chuck Wigley asked that the minutes reflect the gratitude of the Faculty for the generous, thoughtful, and helpful participation by the staff from ITS and FACTS.  We are very fortunate to have this kind of collegial dialogue.

V.  First annual ACAC Christmas Party.  The Christmas tree and train set were erected.  The party lasted approximately 3 minutes and 20 seconds, just long enough for the Chair to recommend more fund-raising techniques.  If any of the schemes bear fruit, next year, the train tracks will be nailed to the table, a car will be added to the train set, and the tree will have more than one branch on it.

Respectfully submitted,

Martin X. Moleski, SJ
Acting Secretary