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Please attend the first meeting of ACAC for 2010-2011.  If you plan on attending, please send (if you have not already done so) an email to with ACAC in the subject line.  You may join or attend ACAC as an individual (i.e., even if you are not the designated representative of a department).

WHEN: October 6, 2010 (Wednesday), 2:00-3:00

WHERE: President’s Board Room


5 minutes         I.  Introduction of meeting participants

15 minutes       II.  Classroom technology (Bob Grabowski)

20 minutes     III.   ITS’ initiatives for 2010-2011 (Estelle Siener, Leah MacVie)

  • Online learning community
  • Eluminate software
  • Emergency readiness
  • Fall changes, updates

20 minutes       IV.  Information Security at Canisius College (Matt Gracie)