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The meeting began with ITS Annoucements:

1.  Exchange email — those who haven’t been converted from Griffmail to Outlook must do so before leaving campus for the summer.  Griffmail will be turned off on June 30.  Call the help desk  to schedule a convenient time.

2.  Software in labs for the fall — labs and ITCs will be converted to Active Directory this summer.  Any software to be used in those classrooms in the fall will need to tested, even if it is software that has been run in the past.  Windows users should contact Lisa  Mastropaolo (x8376); Macintosh users should contact Scott Clark (x8357).  The lab software will be refreshed in July.

A question was asked concerning using Thunderbird with the new email system.  Marty Moleski said he uses Thunderbird with no problem connected to MS Exchange.  He offered to talk to anybody who wanted to know how to do it.  Estelle mentioned users would lose the shareable calendar feature of Outlook, and this will be an important piece for scheduling campus meetings.  She urged users to call the help desk, and Marty offered to field emails to him.

Estelle led a discussion about technology classroom issues or comments. Several people mentioned kudos for the wonderful help by Bob Grabowski in dealing with technology classroom issues.  Mark thanked ITS for the new monitors that are on extending arms at the teacher station.  Mark asked about incompatibility between aspect ratios of laptops with the projectors in technology classrooms.  Matt Gracie said the projectors are largely 4×3 and not all will be upgraded right away.  This causes the laptop to autoadjust the width, making it look strange.

Over the summer there will be workshops on Outlook and as well as the Online Course Development workshop.  Notice will be published in Under the Dome.  The ITS staff is on campus during the summer and the  Help Desk is open.   So if anyone has problems over the summer, please call help desk (x2299).  Nico asked about summer help desk hours and suggested that having someone available from 5 to 7 PM would be helpful for those courses that are taught online.  During the summer Help Desk is open until 4:30 for phone support.  Online students often work and  the evening time is their only period to study.  Estelle said ITS knows it is a hole that has to be filled, but there are not enough staff to cover right now.

Second Life Presentation

Dr. Nicolas Lorgnier at ACAC Meeting

Dr. Nicolas Lorgnier at ACAC Meeting

The meeting was turned over to Nico Lorgnier, Assistant Professor in Sport Administration.

Nico gave presentation on the main features and benefits of using Second Life to connect to students, engage them, and get them to participate in “conferences.”   Anybody can get an account from  You must register and download and install the software.  Then you create an avatar that is “you” in this 3d virtual universe.  After discussing some examples of using Second Life in both Education and in Business, he logged on to his account and demonstrated how to navigate in the Second Life world.   To conclude, he gave useful references for those interested in pursuing it, and then answered a number of questions about Second Life.  (Click here for a copy of the presentation which includes useful references)