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Science Hall Learning Spaces:

Joel Cohen started the meeting by showing the Science Hall Learning Spaces blog (See also Useful Links on the right).  Representatives of ITS have been collaborating with Cannon Design to create suggested configurations for Science Hall classrooms and computer labs.  These suggestions have been compiled in the blog.  Faculty and staff can login with their Canisius usernames and passwords.  Comments are welcome on each of the design suggestions and can be entered by clicking the Comments link for each blog post.


  • Active Directory and Exchange conversions are progressing.  Most offices have been converted to Active Directory.  We still have a way to go with Exchange conversions.  Department representatives are requested to let their colleagues know that they can schedule a day to have this done.  It requires an overnight process when email is unavailable, but faculty choose the day.  Some in attendance reported that it was relatively painless and that the new interface was much improved.
  • Labs and ITCs will be converted for Active Directory this summer.  It is imperative that faculty be in touch with ITS about any new software they want to use in class next semester.  Windows users should contact Lisa Mastropaolo ( and Macintosh users should contact Scott Clark ( by May 1.  They will be working to make sure your software works properly with Active Directory.
  • Mark Meyer asked for a list of software that is currently available in the labs, as well as software that is available for faculty and staff to use on their office computer.  Look for a list to be  posted it as a Page in this blog shortly.
  • It was asked if Office software is still available to faculty and staff for home computers at a nominal price.  Joe Rizzo explained that it is.  Currently, Office 2007 and Office 2008 (for the Mac) are available. In June, Office 2010 will be released and that will be the “work-at-home” version that our license will be able to distribute.  The cost is $10 and there is an agreement form to sign.  See the FacTS Center for Office 2007; see Scott Clark for Office 2008
  • Lisa Sullivan, Reference Librarian, reported that Jessie Blum from the Library is now holding “drop in” hours at the Tutoring Center on Wednesdays from 2:30-5:30 pm.  Faculty are welcome to recommend that students needing help stop by.  There is also a link on the library web page to “Book Time with a Librarian” which students can use.


  • Lisa Sullivan gave a brief demonstration of Libguides, the research and study guides that Librarians have been creating for a course or a topic.  Libguides can be reached at the Useful Links on the right side of this blog.  She showed a popular one – the Citations Guide – which provides documentation for each form of citation.  Lisa is in charge of the Libguides project and can be contacted ( if you would like one created for your course.
  • Joe Rizzo gave a brief demonstration of how to share calendars in Outlook.  This is a new capability which will enable faculty and staff to see “free/busy” times of colleagues and/or to “invite” colleagues to meetings.  All faculty and staff will have this capability.  As long as we all use it, the process of setting up meetings will be much easier.  Click on the Page at the right labeled “Outlook Shareable Calendars.” Under Useful Links at the right, click “Using Outlook email” for more Outlook documentation.

The next ACAC meeting will be on Wednesday, May 5 at 2 pm in the Library Conference Room.  Nicholas Lorgnier will demonstrate Second Life.