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Meeting No. 1


Estelle led the meeting and asked for volunteers to chair ACAC.  Anyone interested should contact Estelle in the next day or so.

Everyone introduced themselves.


1.      Active Directory and Exchange conversions proceeding.  Joel Cohen said 60% complete for AD, 30% to 40% for Exchange.  ITS must be done by June 1.  As every computer on campus must be visited, please let faculty in your departments know they can call 2299 to schedule the change at their convenience.  (Exchange is the server, Outlook is the client email system.)  Estelle praised the new email system, saying it is a big step up from Griffmail.

ITS will also have to convert the students in the labs in the fall.  If anyone uses specialized software in the labs, please tell ITS (Windows users – Lisa Mastropaolo, x8376; Mac users – Scott Clark, x8357) and provide a copy of this software in order to test it properly to ensure that students can run it.

Windows 7 will go in the labs over the summer.  MacOS will be updated to 10.6.

Let Lisa know what software you want to go into the build for the fall.

2.      Digital Day will be Friday Feb. 19 and there will be lots of great presentations starting at noon in library and running till 4:00 P.M.  There will be an agenda and poster soon.

There will be some demos on Google apps during Digital Day.

Student Email: Joel reported on the student switch to Google’s gmail.  Nearly 3000 students have made the change.  They have access to Google Docs and can share data in Microsoft formats, collaborate in real-time and use just a great product.  Mike Wood asked who on help desk to know about Google docs.  It seemed as though Mike knew more about it than anyone at present.  Older Firefoxes will not be supported, Joel said, but 3.5 on up will be.

Angel will not change without advance warning.  This year Blackboard, who owns Angel, will go up to version 8, which will be supported through 2014.  Angel 7 (what we currently have) will be supported through 2012.  Our license runs out after another year.  Estelle said the college is unsure about the cost of the next license agreement for Angel.  The big question is whether we can import our courses to a new system.

Printing: Mark asked about the printer/copier committee.  Joel said three vendors came and looked and made recommendations.  The committee submitted a report with recommendations to Pat Richey so no final decision has yet been made.  But we do plan that computer printers will be severely reduced where copiers have been upgraded to include printing server and that existing hardware will not be replaced when it dies.

He went on to explain that the marginal cost for a copier is $0.005 (half a cent) for copiers, but $0.02 for printers, about four times more costly.  So the college wants to shift to copiers.  These will add new features, including scanning to pdf.  There will be somewhat more centralization as printers are eliminated.  Also, security is being addressed.  The committee endorsed the approach of two of the three vendors.   Nothing will happen soon but the college will not replace computer printers as they break.

Dennis Koch asked where scan to PDF.  Joel said the Library has one that anybody can use.

Estelle mentioned the 2:00 P.M. time is a problem for many as they emailed her.  She asked about a different meeting time.  After a show of hands, it appeared to be that only about half could meet at 3:00 P.M. so we will continue at 2:00 P.M.

Minutes taken by Mark Meyer