USA Senate Election Results

On April 18, polls for the 2013-2014 USA Senate closed at 5pm.  Turnout in this year’s Senate Elections slightly increased by 10 voters, to a total of 417. This increase in voter turnout is a good sign for student involvement and we hope to continue to see the number increase.

The winners, listed in alphabetical order, are:

Class of 2014 Senior Senate

  1. Samantha Berical
  2. Jessica Bliss
  3. Meredith Lenz
  4. Mary Maroney
  5. Katherine Trautwein
  6. Vacant – Alternate

Class of 2015 Junior Senate

  1. Andrew Plewinski
  2. Neil Savoy
  3. John Solak
  4. Marissa Verdi
  5. Kaitlyn Victor
  6. Dylan Ruda – Alternate

Class of 2016 Sophomore Senate

  1. Steven Kawalerski
  2. Richard Kubiak
  3. Darby Ratliff
  4. Alex Valvo
  5. Meghan Zickl
  6. Angela Graves – Alternate

Applications for the vacant Senior Senate position will be made available over the Summer.

Anyone with any questions are encouraged to contact us at  You may also contact me directly at