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The Undergraduate Student Association is the primary voice of the student body at Canisius College. The organization advocates on behalf of students to the administration.

The Student Senate maintains four Campus Life committees, dealing directly with Dining Services, KAC/Facilities, Public Safety, ITS, Senate Rules, and Mission & Identity. The body also maintains four inter-Senate committees, covering the topics of Senate Finance, Campus Programming, Diversity, and Social Justice. Student input and concerns are encouraged and essential in each of these committees.

Planning the Party: Spring Fest

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It happens every year at Canisius College on the last day of classes. Seemingly overnight, a carnival appears on campus and students celebrate the end of the school year. However, preparations for Spring Fest begin long before the day of the event.

The very preliminary stages of Spring Fest begin over the summer when the new Student Programming Board (SPB) e-board meets and decides who will be coordinating what events for the upcoming school year. Once the Spring Fest coordinator is chosen, he or she starts thinking about themes and looks at surveys from the previous year to see what went well and what could be improved. This year, we are extremely lucky to have the incredibly talented Neil Savoy as our Spring Fest event coordinator!

When the school year begins, SPB members can apply for co-chair positions for Spring Fest. The event is too big for any one person to put together so the event coordinator works with the SPB chair (that’s me!) as well as two or three co-chairs to make sure everything comes together perfectly. Our co-chairs for this year are David Carmel, Megan Cook, and Katie Murphy and they are all WONDERFUL!!

Around the beginning of October, the entire club votes on a theme for Spring Fest.  This year’s theme is “Made in America.” We really hope that students will get into the theme and dress in their best red, white, and blue!

Once the theme has been chosen, the bulk of the work begins. The event coordinator and co-chairs begin calling around to all of our vendors to find out prices and negotiate contracts. It’s a long process – sometimes people are difficult to reach or take a while to send information to us. Ideally, the contracts are finished by December or January but sometimes it’s not until February.

The next step is figuring out where everything will be positioned on Lyons Hall Lawn.  All of the co-chairs are given a blank blueprint of the space and they work alongside the event coordinator to design a functional layout, staying mindful of electricity and other vendor needs. A few weeks before the event, we do a walk-through of the site to ensure everything will be placed in the correct location.

In addition to figuring out the layout of Spring Fest, there are so many other things happening in the weeks just before the event. The t-shirts and sunglasses are designed, prizes are ordered, and advertising begins. It is truly a team effort.

When the day of Spring Fest arrives, a team including SPB’s advisor and grad advisor, the chair, and the event coordinator and co-chairs arrive at 9am to begin setup. Even before the SPB team arrives, people from Facilities Management start prepping the site around 6am. Once everything is in place, Spring Fest begins at 1pm and the Canisius community begins enjoying the event.

This year, we have tons of exciting attractions for everyone to enjoy. Among other things, there will be a Ferris Wheel, inflatable jousting, a caricature artist, spin art Frisbees, and a “Basic Training” obstacle course. We’re thrilled that CJ Sound will be DJing the event – be ready to dance to some awesome music! And, of course, it wouldn’t be Spring Fest without everyone’s favorite foods – Lloyd’s Taco Truck, Anderson’s Ice Cream, Franco’s Pizza, Chiavetta’s chicken dinners, French fries, fried dough, hot dogs, and hamburgers.

Neil, David, Megan, Katie, and the rest of SPB have worked extremely hard on this year’s Spring Fest and we hope you have a great time!! May 3. Lyons Hall Lawn. 1-9pm. Be there. ‘MURICA.


Leaders Eat Last: Taking on Campus Leadership

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At the end of the day, there are two common goals for all student leaders:

  1. Accomplish their organization’s goals
  2. Care for their members
Neither goal can be achieved without the other, yet each one has to be worked on in their own respects.  As the leader of an organization, the only way we can achieve our goals is by putting the needs of others before our own; “men and women for others.”  Our Jesuit education is one of the greatest gifts Canisius can give to us.  We are blessed with an education that shows students how to reflect on previous academic achievement and experience, allowing for students to be better prepared for acting in both their communities and personal lives.   Learning how to care for the self, “Cura Personalis,” care for others, “men and women for others,” and a well-rounded education are the key pillars to Jesuit learning.

Student Leadership is the silent pillar of a Jesuit Education, and Canisius College is the prime example of this pillar.  At Canisius, we have been blessed with 105 active clubs on campus, some of which are ranked nationally for their work.  Our students consistently commit themselves to service by going abroad with Campus Ministry to El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Brazil, India, and Poland.  Our students serve on college boards and committees with administration for the betterment of the whole of Canisius.  Beyond all these, our students rise to the occasion when needed.  As Bigweld said in the movie Robots, “see a need, fill a need,” Canisius students are more than willing to step up to the plate when necessary – as seen in the recent arrival of Zach Wahls to speak at Canisius (See blog about Zach Wahls - He’s Here…).   All of these activities and more require our leaders to accomplish their organization’s goals and care for their members.

Real Leaders Eat Last. That’s right!  They eat last.  The best student leaders put their members and organization first.  They make sure their members are taken care of and “well fed.”  A “well fed” organization is halfway to success.  An organization with passionate leadership that puts its members first is selfless and will inspire those members to do the same.  Introduce achievable goals to the organization and there you have it.  You have just created the most powerful body on a college campus – a selfless passionate organization with an inspired voice, working toward a mission.

No matter which side of an issue you stand on, student leadership on a campus transcends those limits and does one thing: serves the student body.  The best student leaders do not worry about their own needs, they plan to eat last.  They worry about YOU!  They want YOU to be “well fed.”  They want YOUR goals to be their goals.  They want YOU to achieve.  The strongest organizations on college campuses all have one thing in common, they want to see you succeed, excel, and be better than current leadership (See blog about USA – The Importance of USA on Campus).

Canisius College – Where Leaders Are Made.  It has never been the slogan that creates leaders on campus.  It has always been and always will be YOU.  Your drive. Your passion. Your thirst for knowledge.  Your hunger for change.  Your quest for excellence.  Your drive to inspire the world around you. Together, we are Canisius, we are the Griffins.

Go forth and set the world on fire – there’s already a fire burning within you, now share it with the world.


USA Senate Election Results

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On April 18, polls for the 2013-2014 USA Senate closed at 5pm.  Turnout in this year’s Senate Elections slightly increased by 10 voters, to a total of 417. This increase in voter turnout is a good sign for student involvement and we hope to continue to see the number increase.

The winners, listed in alphabetical order, are: