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First Serious Study Session and Joys of Fall

By Alex | October 27, 2010

So far at Canisius I have had to prepare for tests but nothing major, I haven’t stayed up for hours in the library or had a study party with my peers, though I’m sure I’ll have one soon.  However, my upcoming Chemistry test marks the first test I have had to seriously study for, as in more than an hour or so of review.  It is on four separate chapters, all of them very different in their subject matter.  The first chapter concerns how much of a molecule is in a solution, as well as whether a certain molecule will be soluble or insoluble in water.  The next chapter is about how much of an acid or base is need to neutralize its opposite (that is in water) by slowly adding one or the other until it is neutralized and then finding out how much was used, how much was neutralized, etc.  Then there is a chapter concerning light and wavelengths and frequency and other such calculations.  Just to further confuse us the forefathers of Chemistry decided to use Greek letters to symbolize wavelength and frequency, rather than a simple w or f respectively.  The final chapter is about how certain molecules react and what happens when they react.  The main things we need to signify are whether a reaction is a redox reaction, acid/base reaction, or a precipitation reaction.  I’d attempt to explain these to you, my readers, but it would take far too long and be far too uninteresting for anyone to read all of it.  So this is what is on my test tomorrow, though I took an online practice test and got only three wrong so with all hope I’ll do well tomorrow!

Despite this storm-cloud of chemistry looming over me these past few days have been very good.  I got a 93.5 on my Biology test which is a solid A and an 11/10 on my most recent quiz, maintaining my quiz average of over 100.  Also, the weather has been very nice these past few days after a fairly chilly week last week.  The wind has died down quite a bit and a few days over the weekend I found myself leaving my jacket indoors and venturing forth in only a t-shirt, jeans, and sandals.  I know this won’t last so I feel the need to take advantage of the nice weather while I can.  Furthermore, my floor is going on a group trip to the Haunted Catacombs tomorrow which should be very fun and a good stress reliever after the Chem test.  Though now I must retire to bed, or maybe some more studying.  So goodnight and farewell, until my next blog entry.

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