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Apr 24

Who’s On Your Team?

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  As a manager, one of the trickiest parts of handling a new international operation is finding and gathering the right group of people to create the ideal team that can handle day to day business in the foreign country. So, how can you create the ideal team for your international business? One aspect of …

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Mar 04

Ready to Take the Next Step For Your Career?


I decided to write this post after reading an article published on Monday for SupplyChain247, which is an online business resource about transportation, distribution and logistics. The article is titled, “Leveraging the Value of Supply Chain Education” and it is about the increasing value of having a supply chain specialization within an MBA degree.  The …

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Feb 20

What Can a German Housewife Teach Business Managers?

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I started thinking about today’s post after seeing a bumper sticker on my drive into work: It got me thinking about some recent discussions that we have been having in my Comparative Management and Doing Business in the EU courses.  We recently looked at some articles in the Wall Street Journal and the Economist about …

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Feb 12

Are These Logistics Different?

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  When you go to a pet store, a zoo, a shelter, or a food store, it is easy to only focus on what’s in front of you without much, or any, consideration of how it actually got there. Many people have been to a zoo or aquarium.  But did you ever wonder how a …

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Nov 15

What Do You Know About the HSUS?

It’s time for me to talk about something a little different this week. I was inspired by a flyer in our office titled, “SPCA Vets and Pets Adoption Event.”  This event goes from November 6-16, 2013, and allows active duty, reserves, disabled vets and retirees from military services to adopt a pet, free of charge.  …

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Nov 01

Ready To Be Open?

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OPEN BORDERS What is the first feeling that comes to mind when you read that?  Is it a little bit of fear or apprehension?  Or do you feel excited and hopeful? Let’s take a controversial topic in international business and simply lay out the facts. (+) Open Borders: ·         Potential for increased standards of living …

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Oct 16

Can You Think Outside of Your Box?

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Everyone liked to play “pretend” as a kid, right?  Well, playing “pretend” (also known as forecasting, or future planning for the sophisticated business person), can be an extremely helpful exercise when thinking about international expansion for your business.     Something that seems so simple, but is so often forgotten or ignored, is the analysis …

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Oct 09

How Do You Do That?

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          Have you ever been frustrated working on a project, enough that you stop mid-action and  proclaim, “There has GOT to be an easier way to do this”? Employees can feel this way a lot, especially those that contend with strict regulations, requirements, and high maintenance corporate processes. …Or a very …

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Sep 27

Can You Speak Globish?

  Let’s set the scene: Your boss calls you into his office to tell you that the company has decided to start “expanding its horizon,” and has decided to try exporting goods to Uruguay. Uruguay.  Uruguay??  Wait a minute, where the heck is Uruguay?? Oh right, South America. You may say automatically, “But I don’t …

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