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May 01

“Fat Tax”

Another discussion amongst those in my Nutrition class was concerning whether or not our government should place a “fat tax” on sugar-sweetened beverages, such as soda. Many agree to disagree, however I feel that this tax would be treated no differently than the taxes put on cigarettes. It has been known for years that cigarettes …

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Apr 24

Taking Sides

What are your thoughts about Orthorexia? Do you feel that it should be recognized as an eating disorder? This interesting topic arose during our discussion post this week in my Nutrition class and to tell you the truth I had never heard of Orthorexia prior to this discussion. Orthorexia is defined as a fixation of …

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Mar 25

Back to work

And I thought switching gears was a break in itself….but I’m not going to complain having a week off of class was pretty nice! Wish I could’ve went someplace a little warmer than Buffalo…burrrr!!! Nevertheless I spent most of my spring break at Buffalo Cardiology and Pulmonary Associates. Apart from my online class I have …

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Mar 11

Part 2 of Spring!

Hello all! I’d first like to apologize things got pretty overwhelming last few weeks of EKG so I fell a little behind on my blogs. On a positive note were up and running again and beginning the second quarter of the semester. So last week we had our practical along with our final exam, which …

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Feb 20

American Heart Month


Even though the end of February is near I still would like to take the time to appreciate the month for what it truly symbolizes. February is American Heart Month, allowing the human heart to symbolize love. Not only should we love others, but we should take the time to love ourselves. We need to …

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Feb 13

I can see the end of the tunnel!

Three weeks left yet I feel as though there is so much more to learn. This week we had our midterm and I felt very confident walking out of the exam. Dr. Koch has done an excellent job breaking everything down. So far we have learned about the various sinus, atrial, and junctional rhythms and …

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Feb 06


Only 4 weeks into the semester and already half way through EKG!! Gotta love 8 week terms! Unfortunately my brain isn’t as excited lol. All this information is causing my brain to swell! On a positive note, I have been learning so much and we are now starting to see everything come together! This week …

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Jan 28

Food for Thought

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 2.11.07 PM

Interested in loosing weight? Not only is it important to exercise on a regular basis, but it is vital that you manage your diet as well, and here’s why. Tommy for example runs on a treadmill 4 times a week for a half an hr. He maintains an average speed of  7 mph at a …

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Jan 21

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! Some of you I’m sure are feeling overwhelmed while others are still on vacation mode, I know I am, especially after having a nice long weekend! However, I shouldn’t complain my first week back was pretty light. I’m currently taking EKG, which is held at Demerly Hall two nights a week and is …

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Nov 27

Keeping a low cholesterol diet during the holidays


Typically, the liver will make all the cholesterol your body needs. However, cholesterol can be consumed through certain animal by products like milk, eggs, and meat. Too much cholesterol in your body has been shown to be a risk factor for heart disease. How Does High Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease? When there is too much …

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