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Specialize in meeting the diverse needs of learners in mixed-ability classrooms

Jul 28

As it comes to an end.


As I am writing this, it is my second to last day of the Canisius 4 Kids summer camp.  The week flew by! After about 2 weeks of planning it was finally time to put our unit into motion.  I really think the first 4 days went great!  Our theme was animals, specifically habitats.  The …

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Jul 23

Whoa, We’re Half Way There


So, summer classes are in full force.  With three classes you can imagine the work load.     The classes that I am taking in relation to the program are going great.  My group and I have just submitted the draft of our unit.  We are doing a theme of animals with K-2 grade students. …

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Jul 13

Hot Buffalo Summer

So it’s summer.  And it’s warm.  And I have summer classes.  With my summer classes, I have to do two field placements.  One is for my special education extension.  The placement is through BOCES Summer School and I actually start tomorrow.  I am excited to meet the 6 kiddos I will be working with, but …

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May 12

Crushing Minds One Day At A Time

Mind Crushers 2

I cannot believe this semester is finally over.  It has honestly been a tough semester for me with all of the work, but I am proud that I was able to accomplish everything that I did.  One of my classes, EDDI 515, was a class that I really enjoyed.  One of the awesome activities that …

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Apr 21

The end is near! :)


So there are only a few weeks left in the semester!  It feels awesome to have completed so much work and to be weeks from summer vacation.    I think that completing my masters in one year has been difficult but well worth it.  The classes were tough in a way that I have not …

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Mar 12

Why Canisius?

What brought these students to Canisius? …Was it fate? …Was it the people?  …Was it the program? I asked a couple of our bloggers the simple question: Why Canisius?   “The first thing I looked for in applying to Grad School was the Sport Administration program. Did the school have one? What was it like? …

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Mar 10

If you think warm thoughts, summer will come..


These past few weeks have been crazy busy.  There was so much homework to be done and I felt like there was never enough time to do it.  I felt as though I made so much headway when I really just hit the tip of the iceberg.  Part of the reason I have so much …

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Feb 25

Another week, another homework assignment

A picture of my trip to Sydney

I have family that resides in Sydney, Australia.  I was lucky enough to visit them 4 years ago around this time.  It was a cold and snowy winter here, but there is was a warm and sunny summer.  It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.  Spending time with my family in a …

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Feb 13

What is the D.I Program Like?

Hello all! This is my first blog ever and I am so excited that it is with at Canisius for the Differentiated Instruction Program.  I decided to do this blog so hopefully the word gets out about this amazing program.  As a second semester graduate student, I want people to know the amazing things about …

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May 15

Canisius commencement with a side of bad weather!

I’ve finally made it through all of my classes for my program with great experiences and I earned all A’s in my classes, keeping my 4.0 GPA! :) I’m excited to be done with my classes although I still have the practicum/camp internship to complete this summer to officially finish my program! I did attend …

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