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Nov 06

Spring Registration? Already?

Spring Registration has already arrived! We have flown through this semester quite fast! In all my classes there have been discussions about which classes are offered, which are not, and how this affects graduation down the road.¬† In the Counseling Graduate program, many students want to know which courses are best to take before or …

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May 07

Here’s Hoping What We Say Matters

Instead of spending a significant amount of time on this here blog post, I’m going to spend my evening completing my course evaluations. They’re going to be honest critiques because there were aspects that I absolutely loved about the courses as well as things I thought could easily be traded in for something more beneficial …

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Apr 25

Bullying Presentations and Psyching Yourself Out

Tonight was presentation night for Group Counseling and my group had to be up there for close to an hour presenting on our chosen topic and demographic. We chose to design a psychoeducational group that focused on self-advocacy, empowerment and community building for adolescent victims of bullying and cyberbullying. The presentation entailed having to open …

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Apr 19

Saying Goodbye to Group


*               Part of the curriculum for School, and Community and Mental Health Counseling students entails being a part of a small counseling group scheduled during the Group Counseling course. It allows for us to be on the other end of the clinical field so that we’re clients and …

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Apr 15

Now that’s my kinda Spring Break souvenir!

Most people think of sun and sand and loud music, am I right? Well as a graduate student, a good portion of my Spring break was spent stressing out about the large assignments piling up as we near the end of the semester. But before I hunkered down in my little nook¬† in the library …

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Feb 21

The Counselor God-Complex

Small group discussions in Group Counseling tend to uncover a lot of hidden perceptions that we as counseling grad students have. So last night, while we were going around the circle discussing what we’ve learned about ourselves over the past few weeks, it dawned on us that – oh hey – as much as we …

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Feb 15

Lack of Publicity Can Be Good, But It Can Be Bad…


There are dozens of support groups in the Western New York community with topics ranging from alcoholism to eating disorders to bereavement support. They’re not readily advertised at more public venues (which I imagine is a good thing, so the meetings aren’t overpopulated with people that may not really need the help – think Fight …

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Feb 04

Similar Perspectives

So I’ve been to a good number of open support group meetings for class between last semester and this semester. This attendance allowed me to get an idea of what the surrounding Buffalo community has to offer in the way of supportive mental health services as well as to learn how various groups function. I’ve …

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Jan 25

And So It Begins Again… YAY!

Jamie Tworkowski

Happy Birthday to this lovely gentleman, Jamie Tworkowski! Jamie is the founder and creative director of To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) Inc. – a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with a number of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, self-injury and suicide. And though he may …

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Dec 10

Finding my Passion – Social Networking and Suicide

It’s the end of the semester! And I think I’ve found my passion! (It seems other students have found theirs as well – ranging from working with clients with STIs to counseling multi-tour veterans with TBI or PTSD) Granted, I’ve known for a while that I want to work with depressed and suicidal adolescents. (I …

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