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Adolescence Education (grades 7-12, including initial teacher education)

May 07

Masters of Education and Middle School Extension

During the course of earning a teacher certification in adolescence education at Canisius College, students have the option of adding a few classes to also earn either a Masters of Science in Education or a Middle School Extension, or both. This additional degree and certification add versatility and flexibility to their resumes which will, hopefully, …

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May 07

Literacy Instruction at Canisius

Canisius’ adolescence education program places a very strong emphasis on teaching literacy skills to students across the curriculum. There are two required classes in the program that explicitly deal with literacy and literacy issues, EDAD 502 – Foundations of Literacy and EDAD 503 – Literacy Skills for Teaching Professionals. While at first glance literacy seems …

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Apr 26

Engaging Teaching

One of the adolescence education program at Canisius’ strong points is its across-the-board stress of using engaging pedagogical techniques in the classroom. These techniques are actions that attempt to make learning and education impactful, relevant and stimulating for students. It is the teacher’s job to try to find methods of instruction that fit these criteria …

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Apr 24

Pre-Student Teaching

One of the most important and work intensive parts of the adolescence education program at Canisius is the pre-student teaching aspect that goes along with the “Advanced Methods” class. Each subject area has its own class, but the requirements for the graduate students in these classes are all pretty much the same. The class itself …

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Mar 22

Preparing for an Ever-Changing World of Education

One real strength of Canisius’ adolescent education program is in preparing its students for the future eventualities of teaching. Every class that I have been enrolled in thus far has emphasized the ever-changing world in which new teachers will be working. Students have grown up with the internet and nearly instant access to information as …

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Mar 19

Classroom Observation Requirement

One aspect of earning your degree and/or certification in the adolescence education program at Canisius that many of my classmates seem to have overlooked upon signing up for the program is the observation placement that is part of two required classes. Observation involves going to a high school or middle school teacher’s classroom with whom …

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Mar 06

A Week in the Life of…

In an average week, as I have experienced so far, a first-semester adolescence education graduate student needs to expect to do a decently substantial amount of reading and a little bit of writing. I am currently enrolled in 5 classes for a total of 15 credit hours. These classes are the ones recommended by the …

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Feb 21

Online Learning: The Advantages and the Pitfalls.

One of the new experiences that I have faced since starting at Canisius is the prevalence of online learning. This semester I am enrolled in five classes and two of them are entirely online. At first glance this seems like the ultimate in flexibility, since as a student you can set your own schedule and …

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Jan 31

First Weeks Back

Hello! Just a quick word of introduction: my name is Andy Smyser. I am a first semester masters student in the adolescence education program with a concentration in social studies. That means I am studying to earn my teaching certification and my masters of science of education so that I can teach high school history. …

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