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Mar 27

Student Affairs Conference in Florida


Hello Everybody, I know everybody must be getting excited about Spring Break.  I know I am! Today, I just wanted to talk about my journey I had in Tampa, Florida this past week. One of the perks about being in the College Student Personnel Administration program at Canisius College is that both cohorts in the …

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Mar 24

ACPA Convention 2015- all things sunshine and happiness


So as I can tell from my fellow bloggers, we have all had enough of this rough (and that is putting it lightly) Buffalo winter. Thankfully, the snow is almost all melted away and I can finally remember what grass looks like. As the season turns to spring, I am getting closer to no longer …

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Jan 29

Grad Life!


Hello everybody, Life is just sweet because it is the start of the semester and work is starting to pick up.  I could not be any happier to be in the CSPA program because I enjoy working with college students and I cannot wait to start my career in Higher Education. My passion has always …

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Jan 22

Winter Break!

Hello Everybody, It is that time of year to get ready to go back to classes yet again. I hope everyone finished strong before leaving to go home for the holidays, including those who are in graduate school. Winter vacation is that magical time of year when you get a much needed break from all …

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Dec 02

Back to the Grind!

Hello Everybody, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break and ate lots of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes!  Oh, I cannot forget pumpkin pie! Yummy! Well, now that break is over, it is time to get back to the daily grind to finish off the rest of the semester. It sure is going to be …

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Nov 12

Kairos Retreat!!

Hello Everybody, It has been awhile since my last post and I deeply apologize. Grad School has been keeping me extremely busy and I absolutely love my grad program. I cannot wait to start my first position after I receive my master’s degree because this has been so rewarding for me so far. Anyway, over …

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Oct 24

Papers! Papers! and More Papers!!


Hello All!!!  My name is Dan and I am a first year graduate student in the College Student Personnel Administration program here at Canisius College. I am a Resident Assistant on campus and I am also a supervisor of the study center and a academic mentor for the Griff Center.  Why the headline, Papers, Papers, …

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Oct 18

Missed flights, ten page papers, and roller coasters?

Grad assistants at Darien Lake

Well, welcome to my first post! My name is Kaileigh and I am a second year graduate student in the College Student Personnel Administration program at Canisius. I also have a graduate assistant position in International Student Programs and International Admissions (and an internship in Fraternity and Sorority life, GO GREEK!).  I’m sure you are …

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Jan 23

Welcome back!


Here we are! We are back into the swing of things for the spring semester of 2014 and as much as I dread all of the reading and papers, (who doesn’t) having a routine again brings back the much needed structure. Sure, it’s going to be a difficult task leaving my comfy bed and endless Netflix marathons, …

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Jan 10



I was going to insert a super cheesy quote about beginning 2014 with all of these endless possibilities but I’ll save you all from that tacky nonsense. (You’re welcome) Please don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy the feelings that are associated with a “fresh start.”  However, if you scroll through any Facebook newsfeed the …

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