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Dec 17

A different place…


Hi all, This week, I was working with a student one-on-one at my internship and I had the craziest epiphany! The student expressed having some difficulties forgiving people who have wronged him and having “resentment” toward them. Everyone can relate to forgiving those who have done something to them. But this conversation was different than …

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Dec 04

The small things


I know that I already blogged about thankfulness a few months ago, but with Thanksgiving approaching us, I figured I’d write something special again! Things to be thankful for: family, work, food, shelter, heat, friends, clothes, the fact that our needs are being met… the list continues. A few weeks ago, I was doing a …

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Nov 11

Wait, I didn’t learn this in graduate school…


Hi all, BOY, has it been a LONG, yet exciting week! As I have mentioned previously, in addition to my school counseling internship, I am a substitute teacher. I am constantly dealing with the disrespect of students in the classroom. I handle situations accordingly and because of my experiences in the classroom, I am able …

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Nov 05


self harm ribbon

Hi all, Welcome to part 3 of self harm! I am reading a book for my Self Destructive Behaviors class called “Comes the Darkness Come the Light: A memoir of cutting, healing, and hope” and I am also using a book called “Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut” to further my knowledge of how …

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Oct 18

Self Harm

Taken from

Hi all, I usually don’t write about sad topics on my blog, but this week I was INSPIRED to write about self harm. And I’m hoping to develop a series of blogs on this topic that I have a new found passion for. This week at my internship, I heard of an incident where a …

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Oct 07

Being Thankful.

I know it’s really soon to be writing (or thinking) about Thanksgiving. But being thankful spoke to me this week. Things I am thankful for. 1) My family- My parents and sister have always been there for me. But especially in tough times. I find comfort and love in their words, even though I am …

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Nov 06

Spring Registration? Already?

Spring Registration has already arrived! We have flown through this semester quite fast! In all my classes there have been discussions about which classes are offered, which are not, and how this affects graduation down the road.  In the Counseling Graduate program, many students want to know which courses are best to take before or …

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May 07

Here’s Hoping What We Say Matters

Instead of spending a significant amount of time on this here blog post, I’m going to spend my evening completing my course evaluations. They’re going to be honest critiques because there were aspects that I absolutely loved about the courses as well as things I thought could easily be traded in for something more beneficial …

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Apr 25

Bullying Presentations and Psyching Yourself Out

Tonight was presentation night for Group Counseling and my group had to be up there for close to an hour presenting on our chosen topic and demographic. We chose to design a psychoeducational group that focused on self-advocacy, empowerment and community building for adolescent victims of bullying and cyberbullying. The presentation entailed having to open …

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Apr 19

Saying Goodbye to Group


*               Part of the curriculum for School, and Community and Mental Health Counseling students entails being a part of a small counseling group scheduled during the Group Counseling course. It allows for us to be on the other end of the clinical field so that we’re clients and …

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