Well, more like what’s in between…

I ALWAYS get the questions “So you want to be a school counselor?” “You don’t want to be a teacher anymore?” And my favorite question is “School Counselor or Teacher?”

I honestly can’t answer either one of those questions in one word.

I have two teaching certifications. BUT I chose to attend grad school for school counseling for TWO reasons. 1) Everyone I went to college with was getting their Masters in Literacy, Special Education, etc. I didn’t want to go the same route as anyone else, and I wanted to learn something different. 2) I served as a peer counselor to my peers at Keuka College, where I attended college for undergrad. I truly developed a passion (and motivation) for helping students.

Last semester in Practicum, I often felt “confused” in my role as a teacher and a practicing school counselor (I think I blogged about it earlier).

I recently began tutoring a 4th grade student in math. As I was tutoring her the past few weeks, I felt myself feeling “calm” like the counselor. But my brain was moving like a teacher! When my student had difficulties, I encouraged her to take a deep breath and I offered her assistance. Don’t get my wrong, I do not often grow “frustrated” when I am teaching. But something feels different for me when I’m tutoring. I was even asking OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS, which is something I’ve struggled with both in teaching and counseling.

While I’m tutoring, I DO NOT serve as a counselor, but I have found that I am able to use my counseling skills to be a better tutor and teacher for this student.