In exactly 2 weeks I will be leaving a job that I enjoy in order to pursue my passion and dream of becoming a school counselor. In just a few weeks I will be entering my FINAL year of graduate school, as well as my part-time internship. It’s really crazy to think that this time has come ALREADY. During this time, I will also be working as a tutor and a substitute teacher.

While I am hopeful for my future and I know that this change of employment is necessary and in my best interest, I am still a little nervous. Change is always something that has been difficult for me.

As counselors, we are constantly helping our clients move to a change within themselves, as well as coping with changing. “Change” is often a reason why people seek counseling and as a future counselor, it’s important for me to embrace the changes in my life to learn and progress each day.

Over the past year, I have met so many people with disabilities and their families that have forever changed my life. Now I am called to work with more people and their families and complete my graduate degree. Bittersweet.