I’ve finally made it through all of my classes for my program with great experiences and I earned all A’s in my classes, keeping my 4.0 GPA! :) I’m excited to be done with my classes although I still have the practicum/camp internship to complete this summer to officially finish my program!

I did attend the commencement this May though to celebrate my graduation, but I almost didn’t make it due to the terrible weather that day where I live. After getting ready and meeting up with my family members and friends, I was finally ready to get in the car when the weather just suddenly changed into near tornado conditions! There was extreme flooding, hail, and heavy rain which caused there to be flooding, literally just pools of water everywhere. So I eventually had to walk out into it and get my feet wet/muddy and drive in the severe conditions, but we still made it – even a half an hour early! :) So even with a little bit of anxiety from the weather, once we got to the ceremony everything went smoothly! It was a wonderful ceremony (just a little stuffy from the humidity and no AC), but overall it was an awesome event! :) It moved along quickly and all of the speeches and the set up was great! After the ceremony, it was STILL raining very heavy, and we headed to Duff’s for some quick wings and a drink so it was a great end to the night! Since we weren’t able to have a lot of time to eat and talk that night, we are doing a dinner party this Saturday to continue celebrating this major accomplishment in my life!! :) Everything is finally moving along!

I’m very excited for my summer internship for my program and for the summer in general since I LOVE the warmer weather!