As a disclaimer, this entry will jump around a lot because that is how my mind is at this busy time. Here we are, right on the brink of the semester’s end. Next week is final exam week for many and the One-Year MBA students are busy studying nonstop. This time of year strangely parallels the phrase “April showers bring May flowers”. April brought the One-Year students a bombardment of projects to accomplish. These assignments practically rained down upon us all at once. It was quite overwhelming but we adjusted to the workload accordingly. As April ended, studying for our finals began. Our heads planted firmly into our books. Face first in scholastic ground if you will. The showers April brought will allow us to grow, like a flower in May. When our exams are completed, we will levitate to a higher position in not only our program, but in our lives as well. Poetic undertones aside, it is a great relief that we will be getting a week and a half off very soon.

On an even more exciting note, I secured a summer internship for myself this week! It will take place from July to August, where I will be assisting the City Comptroller with projects ranging from variance analysis to auditing work. I am very excited about it! An internship is the last piece of the puzzle I need to have a full-proof resume. On a side note, I apologize for failing to blog last week when I promised that I would. It was a very busy week and I couldn’t get around to it. Alas, I made sure I didn’t let you down this week! For any prospective One-Year MBA students, administrators at Canisius have begun calling those interested in the program. I wish the best for you all. This will be my last entry until the summer semester. Until we meet again, have a great break!