What a great spring break! I spent the week off doing a variety of things. My activities included creating art and visiting Toronto for a few days. It was an awesome time that provided a lot of enjoyable moments. The trip to Europe that many of our students embarked on went very smoothly and they all had a great time. With that being said, the continuation of the One-Year program commenced on Monday. We are currently in the eleventh week of the semester and trudging forever onwards towards our goals. The excitement of our break was paralleled by a very eventful week.

On Wednesday, the One-Year students participated in the annual ‘Speed Mentoring’ event. This networking opportunity took our individual mentor relationship and expanded it exponentially in a rapid fashion. Last semester we were all assigned one mentor to help us with any concerns we may have about internships, job opportunities, and the business world. This was a unique gathering because we were allowed to converse with every mentor collaborating with the program in a matter of an hour. Every five minutes we would rotate to a new mentor to gain further insight and knowledge. Talking about your hopes and dreams in front of people for a short time repeatedly seems like a stressful hurdle. Honestly, this was not the case at all. We found ourselves wanting more than five minutes with each mentor after the event concluded.

As this week comes to a close we are preparing for a few tests taking place in the following one. All of us are taking an Accounting exam and the Regression students have a test as well. Things are starting to pick up as we near the end of the semester. Busy times are upon us. I look forward to writing to you next week. Good luck with your studies!