This week was both eventful and surprising. Monday greeted us with a blissful change in weather conditions. It went from being cold and gloomy to sunny and somewhat warm. There was a subtle glimpse of Spring that we have all wanted for months. However, Tuesday reverted back to a normal Buffalo Winter. So much so that Canisius College was closed on Wednesday due to blizzard-like conditions. The campus closure made this week seem very relaxed, which it was. Some of the One-Year students eagerly packed their bags and departed for a trip to Europe. The details of the trip were covered in an earlier blog entry. As some of us left for Europe, others put down their pencils and closed their books. It is now time for spring break! As a result, the preceding portion of this entry will detail my plans for the week off.

I plan to focus on two different things over spring break. The first few days of the break I’ll be traveling to Toronto to sight-see and have a good time. I would love to visit the CN Tower and maybe go to a Maple Leafs game. It should be an exciting and fulfilling adventure. The other part of my break I would like to spend some time on my hobby. I love to draw in my free time and have a few projects I would like to complete. We are steadily moving forward in our program and will greatly enjoy this small taste of relief. For any fellow students who are also on break this week, what are your plans? Is there a place you plan to travel to or are you laying-low for the week? Please comment with your plans as I would love to hear them. I will be blogging after the break and look forward to writing to you soon. Have a great break!