A goal is a surreal concept that almost everyone in life is familiar with. It can act as a dual catalyst that fuels you to do different things. Whether they act as a foundation which you build upon or a mountain you traverse, goals are important. It is more crucial to set goals than it is to succeed in fulfilling them. Being able to have something in life to work towards is an enriching and inspiring experience. My entry for this week will focus on some of my short-term and long-term goals.

Currently, my biggest short-term goal is completing the One-Year MBA program and earning my Master’s degree. I am seeking jobs in the banking industry but wouldn’t mind working in any place that applies my knowledge and skills. Within the next year I am striving to have a full-time salary paid position that can kick-start my career. I also create artistic works as a hobby and am hoping to be successful with that in the upcoming months. A few friends and I are going to rent out an art booth at the Allentown Art Festival this year. Hopefully we’ll be able to sell some of our work or impress others with our unique style.

I have a few fundamental long-term goals in mind but haven’t given it too much thought as of yet. I would like to grow within whatever job I receive and become a Senior Level member of the organization. I have always viewed any job I would get as a place I would stay at for a very long time. Also, I definitely want to get married and start a family down the road. As the second semester trudges onward, these goals are always on my mind. I would love to hear what goals you have for yourself going forward. Feel free to comment with them. Next week I’ll discuss some of the projects currently underway for One-Year students. Have a great weekend!