Interested in loosing weight?

Not only is it important to exercise on a regular basis, but it is vital that you manage your diet as well, and here’s why.

Tommy for example runs on a treadmill 4 times a week for a half an hr. He maintains an average speed of  7 mph at a grade of 4.0. Afterwards he feels refreshed and is satisfied with the amount of calories burned. By using the following equation (VO2 = (.2 x S) + (.9 x S x G) + 3.5) we can presume that Tommy’s relative VO2 is 30.1 mL x kg-1 x min-1. With this we can continue to determine the amount of fat Tommy will burn each week through the use of “The Energy Equivalency Chart” shown below.

If Tommy weighs 182 lbs (82.7 kg) and exercises 120 mins each week he will loose a total of .427 lbs of fat per week. That’s if he doesn’t change his diet at all. Shocking right?! This just shows how important diet AND exercise are when it comes to loosing weight. So keep working toward those goals!

Good luck and see you next time!